Desserts and sweet things

Aggression cookies

Apple crisp wontons

Apple (or pear) tart, quick and easy

Apple-pear-cranberry crisp

Apple spice bread

Apple spice hand pies

Apple tart for non-bakers

Apples with Nutella and walnuts

Apple walnut turnovers

Aromatic rice pudding

Autumn-spiced sour cream coffee cake

Avocado ice cream

Basil ricotta bruschetta with pan-burst grapes

Blueberry apple soup

Brigadeiros (Brazilian chocolate truffles)

Brown-butter saffron spice brownies

Brown sugar and walnut puff pastry swirls

Cantaloupe and yogurt soup with ginger, lime and mint

Cardamom shortbread

Caribbean gingerbread

Chocolate-banana wonton ravioli

Chocolate cake in a mug

Chocolate chip banana bars

Chocolate chip spice pound cake

Chocolate chocolate chip waffles

Chocolate chunk brownies

Chocolate double ginger cupcakes

Chocolate-kiwi or chocolate-mango wontons

Chocolate, chocolate-chip brownies

Chocolate chocolate-chip mini muffins

Chocolate-orange sorbet

Chocolate outrageous pie

Chocolate refrigerator cake

Chocolate sorbet with vanilla-orange sauce

Chocolate truffles

Coconut flan

Coffee cake with espresso-cocoa swirl

Coffee spice cake

Costa Rican banana nut muffins (with or without chocolate chips)

Cranberry rice pudding

Crispy chocolate-banana wonton ravioli

Crispy oatmeal cookies (and ice cream sandwiches)

Double strawberry tartlets

Drop In & Decorate sugar cookies

Drop In & Decorate royal icing

Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche milhojas

Espresso chocolate custard cups

Espresso sorbet

Famous chocolate chip cookies

Fruit and Nutella® puff pastry tartlets

Fruit whiz

Fudge mocha brownies

Ginger apricot biscotti

Gingerbread cookies

Ginger spice mixed nuts

Granola-filled baked apples

Granola muffins

Green grapefruit curd

Grilled fruit with cardamom yogurt

Grilled maple-chipotle pineapple rings

Grilled peaches with agave and balsamic

Honey and lemon green tea cupcakes

Honey gingerbread cookies

Ice cream chocolate chip cookies

Indian pudding

Kicked-up gingerbread

Last-minute chocolate gingerbread cake

Lemon berry yogurt parfait

Lemon curd

Lemon-currant biscotti

Lemon frozen Greek yogurt

Lemon poppyseed cake with lemonade glaze

Lemon stuffed with sherbet

Lemon walnut yogurt dessert

Lemon yogurt cake

Lemon yogurt waffles

Lime curd

Lorna's sour cream cake

Love in pieces

Mango and raspberry crisp with almond topping

Mango lassi

Marshmallow fluff

Melon with lime, peanut and mint topping

Mexican chocolate "diablo" cupcakes

Mexican chocolate pots de creme

Meyer lemon curd

Mixed berry clafoutis

Mocha sour cream cake

Mocha sugar cookies

Nectarine and white peach crisp

Nutella® and fruit turnovers

Nutella® banana bruschetta

Nutella® quesadillas

Old-fashioned apple pie

Outrageous brownies

Pear spice cake with cardamom and ginger

Pears poached in vanilla

Phyllo nests

Poached pears

Pomegranate snow swirls

Poppy seed torte

Pots de creme

Pumpkin chocolate chip biscotti

Pumpkin-pecan mini muffins

Pumpkin pie

Quick and easy Nutella® and fruit turnovers

Quinoa pudding

Red tapioca pudding with vanilla cream

Royal icing

Raisin-banana scones

Scotch shortbread

Sfuf (Middle Eastern yellow cake with pine nuts)

Slow cooker chai-spiced pear sauce

Slow cooker chocolate and Nutella® bread pudding

Slow cooker poached pears in caramel sauce

Spice cake

Strawberries in balsamic vinegar

Strawberry fruit whiz

Sugar cookies

Sugar-free apple crisp

Sugar-free applesauce muffins with raisins and pecans

Sugar-free chocolate cupcakes

Sugar-free maple baked pears

Suspiro de Limeña

Sweet and salty peanut chocolate chunk cookies

Sweet couscous

Sweet mocha ricotta cream phyllo shells

Sweet potato bread

Sweet potato pie

Teeny tiny lime tarts

Thomas Jefferson's bread pudding

Toasted piñon shortbread


Walnut squares

White chocolate brownies

Whole wheat lemon lime yogurt cupcakes

Whole wheat walnut-raisin biscotti

Zucchini lemon muffins