Spanish/South American/Latino dishes

Albornia de chayote

Bacon guacamole

Black bean and brown rice burrito

Black bean and shrimp quesadillas

Black bean, quinoa and red pepper salad with honey-lime vinaigrette

Black beans and rice, quick and easy

Black bean soup

Blazing hot chili shrimp

Bolinhos de bacalhau (salt cod balls) with chipotle mayonnaise dip

Brazilian cheese bread

Brigadeiros (Brazilian chocolate truffles)

Cannellini vinaigrette

Cod with raisins, nuts and apples

Cheese and red pepper empanaditas

Cheese-y cornmeal cake

Chicken and vegetable quinoa stir fry

Chicken, black bean, avocado and cheese quesadillas

Chicken enchilada roll-ups stuffed with rice and beans

Chicken tortilla casserole

Chicken with chiles and peanut sauce (slow cooker)

Chicken with ora pro nobis

Chickpeas with peppers and sausage

Costa Rican banana nut muffins (with or without chocolate chips)

Costa Rican black bean dip

Costa Rican gallo pinto (black beans and rice)

Crazy mixed-up red enchilada sauce

Cubano quesadillas

Cuban style ropa vieja

Dulce de leche (in the microwave)

Empanadas filled with chicken picadillo


Frijoles a la olla (Home-cooked beans)

Gluten-free gazpacho

Goat cheese-olive empanadas

Grilled beef and potatoes with chimichurri sauce

Grilled chicken, avocado and peach salsa quesadilla

Grilled "sour orange" Mexican chicken

Grilled tamarind chicken

Hominy and cactus soup

Jalapeño nectarine salsa fresca

Jilo and onions

Lambe-lambe (Brazilian rice with shellfish)

Love in pieces

Mango-mint gazpacho

Mango, watermelon and tomato salsa fresca

Mexican adobo chicken rice bowl

Mexican chocolate "diablo" cupcakes

Mexican-spiced fish

Mole colorado

Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew)

Mushroom and asparagus paella

Mushroom quesadillas with goat cheese and greens

Mushrooms and peppers in puff pastry

Pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), improved

Picadillo black bean and rice salad with chicken and olives


Potatoes a la Huancaina

Pressure cooker pozole verde beef stew

Quick and easy arroz con pollo (rice with chicken)

Quinoa turkey meatloaf

Red bean and cheese burritos

Roasted chickpeas with garlic, cumin and paprika

Roasted corn salad with avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, and cumin-lime dressing

Roasted halibut tacos with mango salsa

Roasted shrimp tacos with avocado peach salsa

Ropa vieja

Salsa and shrimp stuffed avocado

Salsa turkey meatball lettuce wraps

Salsa verde turkey and brown rice bowl with avocado and cheese


Shrimp and avocado quesadillas

Shrimp picadillo

Slow cooker chicken and pinto bean burrito bowl

Slow cooker Mexican fiesta breakfast or brunch frittata

Slow cooker Puerto Rican black beans with sofrito and cilantro

Slow cooker salsa verde shredded beef

Slow cooker Sloppy Joe beef quesadillas

Smoky turkey, black bean and corn chili

Spanish chicken with saffron and green olives

Spicy black bean, beef, and cabbage soup with lime and queso

Spicy eggplant caponata toasts

Spicy skirt steak

Spicy tuna and avocado ceviche

Stuffed pepper tapas

Suspiro de Limeña

Tortilla and lime soup

Tortilla española (oven baked)

Turkey, black bean, and three-chile taco boats

Turkey, kale and cheese quesadillas

Turkey tacos

Vaca atolada ("Cow stuck in the mud")

Vegetable paella with garlic sauce