Product review policy

This blog features items I keep in my kitchen pantry, including ingredients stored in my cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. Each item in The Perfect Pantry is something I actually use as an ingredient for everyday cooking, and it's something I have purchased myself.

I do not write about items that I cannot replace (i.e., the homemade jam I found on a trip to Maine, or the pickles my neighbor makes for me every summer). I am always open to new ingredients, from all cultures and cuisines, that will become part of my regular cooking pantry.

I do not review products on this blog and, because it's important to me that readers can trust my recommendations, I no longer accept free samples of products. However, I do like to know about new products and, if I purchase the product myself and like it, I might share that information with readers here on the blog.

Also, I no longer accept gifts of cookbooks. Many bloggers and food friends are writing books these days, and I try to be supportive by purchasing each and every one of those books. As with products, I like to know about new cookbooks coming out; if I decide to purchase the book or borrow it from the library, and if I make and enjoy a recipe, I will share that information with readers here on the blog.

A few words of advice to PR folks

The best way to bring your product to my attention is with a well-written press release and cover letter demonstrating some knowledge of this blog. If you don't know me personally, don't address me as "Hey, Lydia." If you do know me, you wouldn't write that because you know that, whenever I see it, I head straight for the delete key.

On The Perfect Pantry, I don't write about sports, movies, or ham. I don't run giveaways or contests. If any of those are your pitch, please save your time and mine, and don't send those releases to me.

If you're inviting me to attend an event in London or Los Angeles, and you're offering to pay my expenses for a first-class air ticket and five-star hotel, we should talk. But you're not offering that, are you? No, I didn't think so. (And of course I'm kidding about this.)

If you are offering free nonperishable food products, my town's food pantry would love to have your donation. The address is:

Director of Human Services
Town of Glocester Food Pantry
1145 Putnam Pike - PO Box B
Chepachet, RI 02814-0702