Fish and shellfish

Atlantic Canada seafood chowder

Baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta

Baked stuffed shrimp

Blazing hot chili shrimp

Bolinhos de bacalhau (salt cod balls) with chipotle mayonnaise dip

Braised fish, Tunisian style

Braised Tunisian-style white fish

Brussels sprouts, bacon and greens salad with roasted shrimp

Caesar salad with shrimp

Calamari, vegetable and whole wheat orzo salad


Cod, bacon, and sweet potato chowder

Cod cakes with red pepper, tarragon and yogurt remoulade

Cod with raisins, nuts and apples

Crab cakes

Cuban shrimp in savory sauce

Curried shrimp and pasta salad

Fish and fennel pot pie

Florida crab cakes

Ginger catfish (Trey Cha K'nyei)

Ginger-lime tuna with buckwheat (soba) noodles

Greek shrimp, feta, lemon and basil couscous salad

Green fish curry with asparagus and peas

Green shrimp or fish curry

Grilled sesame-lime shrimp and cucumber skewers

Grilled tuna sandwiches with tartar sauce

Hot and sour shrimp soup

Jamaican "run down" (fish stew with tomatoes, peppers and coconut milk)

Lambe-lambe (Brazilian rice with shellfish)

Leek, salmon and potato soup

Lemon, artichoke and shrimp risotto

Lemon-basil shrimp (or lobster) salad rolls

Lemony couscous with shrimp, avocado, tomato and mint

Lentil salad with bell peppers, salmon, and maple-mustard dressing

Linguine with clams and vegetable sauce

Lobster and avocado salad with tomatoes and basil

Lobster, corn and basil quiche

Maple glazed salmon salad

Mediterranean red snapper

Mexican spiced fish

Miso-Sriracha glazed salmon

Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew)

Moqueca a baiana

Mussel stew

New England shrimp boil

New Orleans-style red beans and rice, with shrimp

Not-quite-old-fashioned tuna salad sandwich

Orzo and shrimp salad with asparagus, bell peppers and feta cheese

Pan-fried tuna croquettes

Pan-roasted glazed salmon

Pan-seared ahi and mango

Pan seared salmon with tomato-caper relish

Pan-seared tuna burger with Sriracha mayonnaise

Panko and mustard crusted fish

Pasta salad with shrimp, feta, basil and slow-roasted tomatoes

Pasta with kale pesto, shrimp and tomato

Pasta with shrimp, lemon, herbs and feta


Pineapple shrimp curry (Gaeng Kung)

Pomegranate fish

Pomegranate-orange-ginger shrimp

Potato and swordfish tortino

Pressure cooker shrimp and asparagus risotto with mushrooms

Prawn fried rice

Quick and easy white clam chowder

Red curry shrimp dumplings

Rhode Island clear clam chowder

Rice stick noodle salad with caramelized shrimp

Risotto with shrimp and asparagus

Roasted halibut tacos with mango salsa

Roasted or grilled shrimp in beer marinade

Roasted shrimp appetizer with spicy peanut sauce

Roasted shrimp po' boy with Greek yogurt cole slaw and remoulade sauce

Roasted shrimp tacos with avocado peach salsa

Roast halibut with orange-caper gremolata

Salmon and Asian pesto potstickers

Salmon and greens salad with buttermilk lemon-thyme dressing

Salmon and green vegetable soup

Salmon and peas fried rice

Salmon and quinoa patties with lemon-yogurt sauce

Salmon burgers with green yogurt sauce

Salmon chipotle chowder with orzo and corn

Salmon choo chee

Salmon, corn and potato chowder

Salmon croquettes with sesame lime sauce

Salmon fried rice

Salmon tagine with chermoula

Salmon tikka

Salmon with lemon maple mustard sauce

Salsa and shrimp stuffed avocado

Salt and pepper prawns

Salt cod and potato cannelloni

Sea bass with vanilla cream sauce

Seafood and broccoli salad with curry yogurt dressing

Seafood pie

Seafood stew with tomatoes, peppers, fennel and leeks

Sesame shrimp fried rice with broccoli slaw

Shrimp and artichoke pasta salad with lemon poppyseed dressing

Shrimp and avocado quesadillas

Shrimp and bell pepper stir-fry with Asian cilantro vinaigrette

Shrimp and black bean salad with chipotle-lime dressing

Shrimp and coconut curry noodle soup

Shrimp and edamame salad with sesame ginger vinaigrette

Shrimp, bacon and broccoli slaw with ranch dressing

Shrimp, broccoli and scallion fried rice

Shrimp "cocktail" with kiwi salsa fresca

Shrimp, couscous, herb and feta salad with tomato vinaigrette

Shrimp etouffee

Shrimp lo mein noodles

Shrimp picadillo

Shrimp teriyaki

Shrimp with Meyer lemon-dill dipping sauce

Shrimp with romesco sauce

Shrimp with tarragon and yogurt sauce

Slow cooker Basque tuna with potatoes and peppers

Slow cooker Caribbean pepper pot

Smoked salmon bagel with wasabi herb cream cheese

Smoky shrimp, corn and bacon chowder

Spaghetti squash boat with clams, zucchini, peppers and olives

Spicy Asian shrimp cocktail

Spicy tuna and avocado ceviche

Squash with chicken and shrimp soup

Steamed ginger fish in packets

Thai green curry tofu with shrimp, bok choy, and more dark leafy greens

Tortellini and shrimp salad

Traditional New England crab cakes

Tuna Nicoise-ish

Tunisian fish ball tagine

White beans with shrimp, basil and slow-roasted tomatoes

Whitefish Hungarian style