About The Perfect Pantry® (and me)

BirthdayHi! My name is Lydia Walshin. In 2015 I moved back to Boston's South End, where my husband Ted and I, empty-nesters with two cats, lived in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen, and a miniscule (yet very close to perfect) pantry -- until 2018, when we downsized to an even smaller apartment in Boston's Chinatown.

When I started this blog, we were living in rural northwest Rhode Island, five miles from the nearest convenience store and ten miles from the nearest supermarket. My pantry consumed shelves and shelves in the cellar as well as the kitchen; after all, it's hard to cook if you have to spend half an hour or more in the car to pick up any ingredients you've forgotten.

Now, in the city, within several blocks of our apartment, we have an Asian supermarket, a cheese shop, a Syrian grocery store, and a small market with fantastic produce. We're so grateful. And my pantry has downsized a bit, because space in the kitchen is limited, and replenishments are right around the corner.

For the past 25 years I've been a food writer, and I've been a writer, mostly for nonprofit organizations, for my entire career. I've been writing The Perfect Pantry since June 2006. You can go back to the beginning and read every post, starting here.

About The Perfect Pantry

The Perfect Pantry features more than 250 pantry ingredients used in everyday cooking -- common ingredients like salt, pepper, butter, flour -- and ingredients fundamental to a wide range of ethnic cuisines.

I write about and photograph the actual things I keep in my pantry -- the brands and sources I prefer and purchase over and over again -- and each post includes a recipe using ingredients from the pantry, combined with fresh ingredients like vegetables, meat and fish.

I don't accept free samples or write posts paid for by companies who want to promote their products. Every ingredient I write about on this blog is something I've bought.


The best way to ask question about specific recipes or ingredients is to leave a comment on the relevant post. However, if your question is off the topic of a specific post, please post your question on our Facebook page or email to me at lydia AT theperfectpantry DOT com.

Comments and replies

Do you like something I've written about an ingredient? Does the recipe appeal to you? Do you have your own recipe for the ingredient, or a twist on the standard? Did I make a mistake in a recipe? Do you know more about the ingredient, to add to our knowledge? Please share your feedback in the comments. Not only does it let me know that you're enjoying and finding good information in the post; it also opens the conversation to other readers.

While I welcome comments that might not agree with something I've written, I ask that comments be polite and considerate of others. If your comment is rude, or if you're just trying to promote your own blog or web site, I won't publish it. My blog, my rules.

Comments are moderated, which means I have to approve them before publication. I'm sorry to have to do this, but the blog gets a huge number of spam comments every day, and I don't think you should have to read them.


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