Chicken and turkey

Afghan-style pumpkin turkey meatballs

Alsatian sausage, cabbage and noodle pan supper

Apple, Cheddar and cranberry turkey meatball appetizer bites

Asian turkey and cabbage empanadas with spicy dipping sauce

Avgolemono - chicken soup with rice and lemons

Baked (or grilled) coconut chicken with sweet chili sauce

Basque chicken with bell pepper and tomato

BLT turkey meatballs

Brick-grilled chicken breasts or thighs

Bun gao noodle salad

Burmese dry chicken curry

Canadian breakfast turkey meatballs with maple and bacon

Caribbean chicken curry with butternut squash and red bell pepper

Chicken and cabbage salad with buttermilk blue cheese dressing

Chicken and egg salad with tarragon mustard vinaigrette

Chicken and spaghetti squash casserole with bell peppers, olives and cheese

Chicken and vegetable quinoa stir fry

Chicken basquaise with piperade

Chicken, black bean, avocado and cheese quesadillas

Chicken bulgogi

Chicken curry, Lombok style

Chicken enchilada roll-ups stuffed with rice and beans

Chicken fingers

Chicken hash

Chicken jambalaya

Chicken lo mein

Chicken marbella

Chicken parmigiana rolls (healthy and low-carb)

Chicken pesto pasta

Chicken or turkey fried rice

Chicken paella with slow roasted tomatoes

Chicken ratatouille

Chicken salad with mustard sauce and lovage

Chicken salad with walnuts, celery, and pomegranate-harissa yogurt sauce

Chicken satay

Chicken shish kabobs

Chicken soup

Chicken stuffed with ricotta

Chicken tortilla casserole

Chicken vindaloo (slow cooker version)

Chicken with chiles and peanut sauce (slow cooker)

Chicken with mango barbecue sauce

Chicken with molé colorado

Chicken with ora pro nobis

Chicken with preserved lemon and olives

Chicken with prunes and almonds

Chicken yakitori

Chinese chicken and greens ramen noodle soup

Chipotle turkey meatballs

Coconut peanut rice bowl with turkey, broccoli and mushrooms

Cowboy turkey meatloaf

Curried chicken pasta salad with apricots and cashews

Curried chicken salad with bell pepper, peanuts and raisins

Curried chicken wontons

Curried orzo chicken salad

Curried turkey meatballs

Dona Hilda Gutarra's spicy green beans

Doro wot (Ethiopian chicken in red pepper sauce)

Empanadas filled with chicken picadillo

Falafel-turkey meatballs and pasta

Farfalle with spinach and sausage

Feed-a-cold turkey (or chicken) noodle soup

Floribean chicken chili

Garlic chicken on skewers

Gingered Napa cabbage salad

Greek chicken chopped salad with creamy poppy seed dressing

Greek chicken salad with lemon and dill

Greek turkey burgers with yogurt and feta sauce

Greek turkey meatloaf

Greektown turkey meatballs

Green chicken curry with eggplant

Green chile turkey inside-out cheeseburger

Green chile turkey meatballs

Grilled Asian turkey breast with soy, garlic and chili paste

Grilled buttermilk herb chicken

Grilled chicken, avocado and peach salsa quesadilla

Grilled chicken salad

Grilled chicken and broccoli slaw wraps

Grilled chicken, zucchini and nectarine spinach salad with honey-lime dressing

Grilled chile-lime-ponzu chicken

Grilled curry chicken with chutney and rice

Grilled honey lime chicken

Grilled not-too-spicy jerk chicken

Grilled "sour orange" Mexican chicken

Grilled tamarind chicken

Grilled tikka-masala-style chicken

Gumbo ya-ya

Hot or mild Italian turkey sausage meatballs with fennel-mustard dipping sauce

Italian turkey meatballs with sun-dried tomato and basil

Kung pao chicken

Laotian chicken and herb salad

Lemon-dill turkey meatballs

Lentil and chicken salad with raisins and feta cheese

Lighter chicken and black bean enchiladas

Mango-jalapeño turkey meatballs

Mexican adobo chicken rice bowl

Mole colorado

Moo shu chicken

Mozambique chicken

My mom's circa-1960 chicken and rice casserole (in the slow cooker)

Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

North African harissa turkey and butternut squash stew

North African harissa turkey meatballs

Opor Manuk (Chicken curry, Lombok style)

Paella a la Valenciana

Panko-crusted baked chicken

Penang-style baked chicken


President Obama's chili

Quick and easy arroz con pollo (rice with chicken)

Quick and easy chicken and corn chowder

Quinoa turkey meatloaf

Rice noodle salad with chicken

Roasted pepper chicken

Salsa turkey meatball lettuce wraps

Salsa verde turkey and brown rice bowl with avocado and cheese

Sandra's Thai chicken satay skewers

Sausage and potato skillet supper

Shish taouk (garlic chicken on skewers)

Slow cooker Caribbean pepper pot

Slow cooker chicken and pinto bean burrito bowl

Slow cooker chicken curry with sweet potatoes, tomato and raisins

Slow cooker chicken stew with onions, mushrooms, and at least 40 cloves of garlic

Slow cooker coffee-chipotle pulled chicken roll-ups

Slow cooker General Gao's chicken

Slow cooker Greek chicken roll-ups with tomato, olives and feta cheese

Slow cooker green chile chicken

Slow cooker hoisin chicken and slaw sandwiches

Slow cooker hoisin chicken, bok choy and sesame brown rice bowl

Slow cooker Korean-style chicken

Slow cooker lemon-garlic chicken and white bean stew

Slow cooker lentils with chicken sausage, spinach and feta cheese

Slow cooker Middle Eastern garlic chicken

Slow cooker pomegranate chicken salad

Slow cooker quinoa with zucchini, mushrooms and chicken sausage

Slow cooker shredded barbecue chicken

Slow cooker soy-braised chicken

Slow cooker tandoori pulled chicken

Slow cooker Tex-Mex chicken and rice one-pot dinner

Slow cooker Thai green curry chicken with broccoli and mushrooms

Slow cooker Thai red curry turkey

Slow cooker tomatillo chicken and black bean tacos

Slow cooker turkey, black bean and squash chili

Slow cooker turkey breast for sandwiches, salads and pasta

Slow cooker turkey breast stuffed with ricotta, tomato and basil

Slow cooker turkey breast stuffed with wild rice and cranberries

Smashed white bean, turkey sausage and kale soup

Smoky pumpkin and brown rice enchiladas (with or without turkey)

Smoky turkey, black bean and corn chili

Spanish chicken with saffron and green olives

Spicy Asian grilled chicken and pasta salad

Spicy chicken balls

Spicy pesto soba with chicken and snow peas

Spicy Sriracha grilled chicken

Spicy Thai chicken curry

Spicy turkey, bell pepper and noodle stir-fry

Spicy turkey rolls

Spiked Cornish game hens

Squash with chicken and shrimp soup

Sweet Rhode Island coffee-dunked turkey appetizer meatballs (slow cooker)

Terikayi turkey meatballs with cabbage and ramen noodles

Tex-Mex chicken and black bean flatbread pizza

Tex-Mex penne

Tex-Mex turkey lasagne

Tex-Mex turkey meatball sliders with avocado and cheese

Thai chicken curry

Thai green curry turkey with spinach, green pepper and cilantro

Thai red curry chicken and dark leafy greens

Thai red curry turkey meatballs

Traditional turkey meatloaf

Turkey and cheese in puff pastry

Turkey and kale fried rice

Turkey and white bean chili

Turkey, black bean, and three-chile taco boats

Turkey, brie, roasted red pepper and arugula panini with honey mustard sauce

Turkey burgers with chipotle ketchup

Turkey burgers with yogurt and feta sauce

Turkey-chile rotini

Turkey, cranberry and basil meatballs

Turkey-escarole soup

Turkey "fridge dump" soup

Turkey-green chile chili

Turkey, kale and cheese quesadillas

Turkey meatballs with pasta

Turkey meatloaf with fig gravy

Turkey mole chili

Turkey pesto meatball sliders

Turkey, red bean and cabbage soup

Turkey salad with grapes and walnuts

Turkey, sausage and vegetable low-carb sauce or stuffing

Turkey soup with black beans, corn, and green chiles

Turkey soup with dark leafy greens

Turkey, spinach and feta meatloaf sliders with lemon sauce

Turkey tacos

Turkey taco salad

Viking chicken with honey, butter and herbs

West African chicken mafé (chicken stew in peanut sauce)

White chili

Whole wheat pasta turkey salad with vegetables and feta-herb-yogurt dressing

Whole wheat penne pasta with sausage, fennel, tomato and olives

Wild rice and chicken salad

Wild rice salad

Zanzibar tandoori grilled turkey breast