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Cookbooks in the Pantry: The Indian Slow Cooker


The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes, by Anupy Singla (2010)

Why I've kept it: Recipes for Indian food, which I love to eat, scare me.  There, I've said it. Mixing, toasting, grinding, and layering all of the spices makes me feel completely fumble-fingered, and I've always preferred to enjoy Indian dishes in a restaurant rather than tackle them in my own kitchen. Until I discovered this little book.

The Indian Slow Cooker opened my eyes to how much simpler Indian cooking can be. All of those complicated spices? Just toss them into the slow cooker with beans or lentils, or chicken or beef, and out comes a delicious curry, or dal, or even butter chicken. The author, a working mom, translates some of her family's traditional recipes to a more convenient cooking method. Use the cookbook as a guide, and create your own favorite recipes. I've learned a lot by reading through and cooking some of the recipes here.

I've made Pakistani "Old Clothes" Beef Curry many times, and my friend Mary recently tried a version with chicken that sounded delicious.

Slow cooker chicken vindaloo appeals to our love of hot vindaloo dishes, though some readers felt it was too hot. 

PS: If you're giving someone a slow cooker for a holiday gift, why not include this cookbook with it? 

Bookmarked, to try next: fiery eggplant, Indian-inspired vegetable soup.

Do you have The Indian Slow Cooker on your cookbook shelf?


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I love this series about the cookbooks you chose to move. I have hundreds of cookbooks on my shelves and it's time to open them up and use them... or give them away!

I have this book and agree that it's wonderful!

Although I didn't want to add yet another cookbook to my shelf (or the pile under my desk), a friend recommended "Made in India" and its become one of the books I've cooked a bunch of stuff from (and learned how to make great basmati rice). It's really straight-forward and everything I've made has been delicious!

I just made the chicken vindaloo last night after reading about your experience with it. We loved it! I actually wish it was spicier, so will make some adjustments next time I cook it.

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