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The Perfect Pantry's Thanksgiving Favorites: little muffins recipes

Apple raisin walnut spice mini muffins, perfect for the holiday table.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a muffin fan. I love that you don't have to share a muffin. I love that you can eat all of the bottom first, and save the top (the best part) for last. I love the built-in portion control. 

On the holiday table, mini muffins provide just a few bites of sweetness. And nobody has to share.

My family loves these apple raisin walnut spice muffins (top photo), which can be made ahead, though you'll have to hide them to make sure they last until the holiday meal. Almost anything with apple has a place on my Thanksgiving table. I serve these instead of bread, as part of the main course, but you could save them for dessert, too.

Irish soda bread muffins, for the holiday table.

A few years ago, I served Irish soda bread muffins on Thanksgiving for the first time. I added golden raisins to the savory dough, for just a touch of sweet, and I served the muffins warm with butter. 

Cinnamon buttermilk muffins, for the holiday table.

The aroma of cinnamon defines the winter holidays -- well, that, and chocolate -- so you might consider adding these cinnamon buttermilk muffins to your menu. Make them in a mini muffin pan to serve for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin-pecan mini muffins, for the holiday table.

Pumpkin finds its way onto the holiday table in many ways. Instead of pumpkin pie, why not try these pumpkin-pecan mini muffins? As with most muffins, they are a nice treat served right along with the turkey and side dishes, and they're especially fun for kids.

Rhode Island white corn and green chile muffins. Ole!

Have you ever made white corn muffins? I love sweet yellow corn muffins for breakfast, but these Rhode Island white corn and green chile corn muffins, with cheese, are definitely savory and just perfect for dinner alongside turkey and green vegetables. 

Chocolate-chocolate chip mini muffins, the perfect dessert for your holiday menu.

Don't forget dessert! In amongst the pies, it's nice to have a smaller treat like these chocolate chocolate-chip mini muffins. The kids will love them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dress up your holiday table with our favorite mini muffins, savory and sweet.

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I love the concept. I'm considering every one on the list. How many days ahead?

Susan, muffins are always best eaten the day they are made. You can mix dry ingredients ahead of time and store in the refrigerator. And some muffins, like the apple walnut muffins and the pumpkin muffins, can be made one day ahead if absolutely necessary.

Yaay for muffins. I am a big fan but I don't make them nearly often enough.

Kalyn, I don't make them often because I love them too much and will eat them all! So it's best to make them for a holiday meal, when other people are around to save me from myself!

We also always serve mini muffins at Thanksgiving! It is a cranberry pecan muffin recipe that I have tweaked and make in mini muffin tins and they are a favorite holiday tradition. I do make them ahead and freeze them and then just warm them in the turned off oven after the turkey comes out. My kids sneak them out of the freezer!

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