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Our favorite pantries: another peek into Pantry #156

Other People's Pantries

Every Saturday for four years, beginning in February 2008, The Perfect Pantry peeked into Other People's Pantries from all around the world, as readers shared their best tips and personal touches in wonderful photographs. Pantry #1, from Mae in Michigan, showed us her spice storage and collection of Mona Lisa objects, and that set the tone for what became a favorite feature on this blog. 

Over the next few weeks, I invite you to revisit some of my favorite pantries, to celebrate your creativity and inventiveness, eclectic and practical storage solutions, and just plain over-the-top fabulousness. You can always browse through the entire collection of pantry photos by clicking on the Pantries link at the top of the page. If you're still dreaming of creating your own perfect pantry, room size or smaller than a breadbox, you'll find inspiration here. 

First up, Pantry #156, Christine's Connecticut pantry that has inspired more pantry envy than any other. 

Visit the original post to read the backstory and see more photos of the entire pantry (yes, there's more), and be sure to read the comments for information about those spice jars. 

Then, come back and let us know: do you love Pantry #156 as much as I do?

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Yes, I absolutely love that pantry, and it inspires me to do something about the one problem I have in my kitchen, which is no way to keep the spices organized! I have my spices in drawers (3 big drawers full!) but everything gets moved around and I'm continually searching for things.

Curious: could people who made improvements inspired by the pantries in this series let us know?
And those of us with 'imperfect pantries'? What's our (my) problem?

Loved this series you did sharing other peoples pantries! Got so many ideas from it! I was very disappointed when it ended - so happy to see it featured again! Thank you!

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