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Films in the Pantry: a big list of favorite food flicks (part one)

Mystic Pizza.

You can't say that The Perfect Pantry doesn't try to keep you entertained! There are so many great movies where food plays a part that we had to split the list in two. Get ready to start searching; most are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but for some of the older films, you'll have to hit the library. Today, food-related flicks up to the year 2000. (See our list of films since the year 2000 here.)

How many have you seen? Which ones are new to you? Did we forget any?

Babette's Feast
Dinner Rush
Mostly Martha
Like Water for Chocolate
Le Grande Bouffe
Eat Drink Man Woman
My Dinner with Andre
Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, with Gene Wilder)
Mildred Pierce
Soul Food
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
Mystic Pizza
Woman on Top
The Wedding Banquet
Big Night
Simply Irresistible
Bread and Chocolate
The Scent of Green Papaya
Dim Sum
Eat a Bowl of Tea
What's Cooking?
The Baker's Wife
The Van (The 1996 film with Colm Meany)

Next week: films made since 2000. Stay tuned, and get your pen and paper ready to make another list of food flicks to watch.

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I've seen Like Water for Chocolate and Mystic Pizza out of this whole list! Obviously I missed a lot of good food films.

I needed this list (and the next one). Now I can find movies I will like!

Dinner Rush is one of my all time favorite movies.

Julie & Julia..!!

Seeing the photo of Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza reminded me of her brother's film, The Pope of Greenwich Village, which takes place in Little Italy. Eric Roberts spat out the white bread that his cousin, played by Mickey Rourke, brought to him as being too WASPy.

Thanks for this great list! Pen and paper, though?! I pasted it into Word, alphabetized, then C&P into an Evernote note with checkboxes! ;)

What about the food scene in Tom Jones? But my favorite in this list is Babette's Feast.

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