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Films in the Pantry: a big list of favorite food flicks (part two)

Today's Special

Have you had time to watch all of the food flicks from last week's list? No? I'm not surprised, as there were so many good films on the list. Here are some more recent favorites (made since the year 2000) in which food plays a role. (We didn't include documentaries. We'll do that another time.)

How many have you seen? Which ones are new to you? Did we forget any?

The Lunch Box
The Hundred Foot Journey
Bon Appetit 
Haute Cuisine
Julie and Julia
It's Complicated
Pieces of April
Soul Kitchen
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Tortilla Soup
No Reservations
Le Grand Chef
Today's Special
Tasting Menu
Le Chef
The Chef's Wife
Romantics Anonymous
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the remake, with Johnny Depp)

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I recently saw and loved Haute Cuisine, it's a wonderful movie that not many people have heard about. Be prepared to be craving French food!

Okay I have seen more from this list, The Hundred Foot Journey, Julie and Julia, Ratatouille, and Waitress, but I can tell I have missed out on a lot of good food films! Thanks for the research that went into this.

Eastside Sushi should be on the list....it will make you want both sushi and Mexican food.

It just started raining here. Now I know what to do with my afternoon. Thanks!

How did I miss last week's post? I just copied both lists in to my movies section of my notes on my iphone. Can't wait to go through them! Like Kalyn, I have seen The Hundred Foot Journey, Julie and Julia, Ratatouille, and Waitress, plus Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Tortilla Soup, and It's Complicated. Clearly, I have more work/watching to do! Thanks for assembling such a great list. :)

Julie and Julia was a disappointment, after reading the book -- it's so raw and whiny!
Charlie: after seeing both Alices, I'm ready for Charley. Must be good...
Is Le Grand Chef on the list this one? -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Grand_Chef ... if so, it's not the ones I've seen. There were 2 Korean made for TV series that we got from Netflixs with similar (or the same, without the French Le) titles. Guess we'll look for this one too.

Thanks for the list!
I would add Babbette's Feast 👍and Tampopo 👍

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