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Sriracha sauce: gotta have it


So, this is funny, or not funny, but weird, and absolutely true. Last week my computer suffered a "catastrophic software failure" (three words no one wants to hear), and spent some time with the geniuses at the Apple Store, searching for a cure. The good news is that they did find a cure. The bad news is that it cost me some files here and there, and one of those files wiped out the emails in which you shared what's new in your pantry. If your "what's new" hasn't appeared here, I am so sorry. I promise to make it up to you, with a bit of a prowl through my own pantry.

When my husband Ted and I moved to our small Boston apartment, we took a hard look at each item on the spice rack, as I downsized from two racks to one. We considered everything in the fridge door shelves (oh, so many mustards, mayo, sauces, condiments), and the cupboards, and the freezer. What's left after The Downsizing are the tried and true favorites, like Sriracha sauce. I've gotta have it.

I used to keep one Sriracha, the famous "rooster" bottle with the green top, in the refrigerator. Lately, however, I've been finding homemade and artisan Sriracha everywhere. I have three Srirachas in my pantry. One is actually too hot for me, if you can believe that. A few drops of Sriracha here or there -- in scrambled eggs, or dipping sauce -- will pep up any recipe. And it's a little bit addictive, like all good hot sauces should be.

I've written about Sriracha many times, and shared information about what's in it, how it's made, and how to use it. I hope you'll revisit those posts and learn more about Sriracha sauce. You can make your own Sriracha, like Todd and Diane (White on Rice Couple) do. There's a great little Sriracha cookbook, and a veggie version, too. You also can use the search box at the top of the page to find more recipes here.

I've gotta have Sriracha in my pantry. Here are a dozen reasons why:

Miso-Sriracha glazed salmon, from The Perfect Pantry
Roasted asparagus with Sriracha drizzle, from The Perfect Pantry
Slow cooker honey Sriracha beef stew, from The Perfect Pantry
Sriracha Bloody Mary, from White on Rice Couple
Brown sugar Sriracha sesame popcorn, from How Sweet It Is
Honey Sriracha butter grilled corn, from Rasa Malaysia
Roasted cabbage with lime and Sriracha, from Kalyn's Kitchen
Sriracha orange glazed green beans, from Simply Recipes
Sriracha deviled eggs, from Leite's Culinaria
Sriracha garlic wings, from Appetite for China
Sriracha hummus, from Budget Bytes
Grilled Sriracha-sesame turkey meatballs, from Kalyn's Kitchen

How about you -- gotta have Sriracha?

Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


I love sriracha sauce, I also love hot sauces. You mentioned that you have one brand of sriracha that was to spicy for you. Could you possibly give me the brand name so I can try it? My salivating taste buds thank you.

So much yes.
It's one of Alex's favorites, too!

sorry to hear about the computer crash! Yes, I have sriracha in my pantry too. In fact, I'm working with a new client -- a farm in Western Mass who grows their own peppers and then makes sriracha. Talk about all local! http://www.kitchengardenfarm.com/sriracha#.Vy3UFeROqvM I have two kinds from them, plus the regular ol' rooster brand.

Oh that is sad about the e-mails. I hope most of those people will see this post and write to you again.

Sriracha, yes gotta have it. I tried some Thai Sriracha in Thailand but didn't think it seemed much different than the Vietnamese one I buy here. I add it to lots of things!

Sriracha, the miracle food of the century! The miracle is that Americans have come out of the bland closet in droves, and it's good to see the home-grown brands developing. From an online tasting, I found another brand -Shark, from Thailand, not as intense as Huy Fong, good flavors with the same basic ingredients and no preservatives.
As far as Roosters go, I prefer the Chili Garlic Sauce - same basic ingredients, no sugar, easier to use in recipes. ...and what is a veggie version? All three of these have no ingredients that are not veg/vegan.
Favorite Sriracha story: we were eating lunch in a very Italian deli in Hoboken NJ, home of Frank Sinatras, photos on the wall, and green topped Sriracha bottles on the tables!

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