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Dijon mustard: gotta have it


In the house where I grew up, mustard was yellow, neon-bright yellow, and we squirted it on hot dogs. Period.

In my own kitchen, I stock at least half a dozen types of mustard, but none gets used as often as Dijon mustard. It's tangy, yet not strident. A spoonful of Dijon goes into every spaghetti sauce I make; I know it sounds odd, but you have to trust me and try it. Dijon adds character. Mix a little bit of Dijon into your egg salad or potato salad. Add it to meatloaf. And don't forget vinaigrette dressings for your salads. Sometimes I use the country Dijon, made with coarsely-ground mustard seed; other times, I use the smooth mustard.

Over the years I've written a lot about Dijon mustard, its history and where it comes from. Be sure to go back and read some of these posts.

I've gotta have Dijon mustard in my pantry. Here are a dozen reasons why:

One-one-one spaghetti sauce, from The Perfect Pantry
Warm Brussels sprouts, almond and goat cheese salad with maple mustard dressing, from The Perfect Pantry
Deviled eggs, from The Perfect Pantry
Honey mustard baked salmon, from Rasa Malaysia
Holy yum chicken, from Table for Two
Grilled steak with green beans and mustard shallot sauce, from Deliciously Organic
Slow cooker maple and Dijon pot roast, from The Kitchn
Garlic Dijon vinaigrette, from The Lemon Bowl
Dijon roasted Brussels sprouts, from Girl Versus Dough
Lamb chops with Dijon mustard and thyme, from Blue Kitchen
Avocado pasta salad with Dijon mustard, from Foodness Gracious
Roasted mushrooms with balsamic, thyme, and Dijon, from Rachel Cooks

How about you -- gotta have Dijon mustard?

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You are so right about Dijon mustard. A little in almost everything adds that certain something to make it special. This post reminded me of a very simple way I like to make salmon. I coat the salmon liberally with Dijon mustard and then top the mustard liberally with coarsely ground black pepper. Cook it in the oven at 375 degrees F for 15-20 minutes and Mmmmm is the result. Perfect for Dijon mustard lovers!

If you're in love with Dijon, you owe it to yourself to find (or order on Amazon) Amora!It's French and puts Grey Poupon to shame. Then try David Lebovitz's mustard chicken, it's the one on the cover of "My Paris Kitchen".

Love Dijon! Someone gave me an amazing tarragon Dijon mustard in a gift basket when I renovated my kitchen and this reminds me I need to replace it. :)

Dijon Mustard is absolutely a must-have ingredient! I buy the big two-pack at Costco so I won't ever run out. And I was a little skeptical about the Dijon in the slow cooker lasagna recipe, but I shouldn't have been because as you know, my family devoured that lasagna!

If I couldn't buy it, I'd have to make it! I like good old Grey Poupon, but I also really like Whole Grain Maille and will order it online while at the store if the shelf is bare! Another fave is a bit of a splurge, but so worth it: Edmond Fallot Horseradish Dijon.


I guess I’m a little like you as I always have Grey Poupon on hand but also 6 or more other mustards on hand for various ethnic dishes. This is a pantry staple for me.

I consume Dijon mustard everyday. There's something about the combination of Dijon, pickle. mayo, lettuce & tomato with turkey, ham, or whatever, on a roll from Liborio bakery (a Chicago bakery). It results in this umami, such a satisfying deliciousness.

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