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What's New in Your Pantry? RoTel!


From Donna, Rhode Island and Florida:

Since Florida is a part-time home, the pantry is skinny and has only essentials. RoTel has become an essential in my pantry here and in Rhode Island. Ten years ago I couldn't find it in my local RI grocery stores. I would hear it referenced on tv cooking segments, but had no idea what all the fuss was about. Like you, more spice has entered my cooking and RoTel helps with flavor.

Do you have RoTel in your pantry? I do, and here are some of my RoTel recipes:

Tex-Mex turkey lasagne
Mexicali meatloaf
Slow cooker Cuban-style ropa vieja

Ready to join in the fun on Saturdays? Here's how to play


  1. Find something in your pantry, fridge or freezer, cupboards, or kitchen that wasn't there 10 years ago. Maybe it's a spice or condiment you use now that you didn't know existed back then. Maybe it's a new version of something you've always had (a different brand of soy sauce or olive oil?). Or, maybe it's a tool or utensil that's essential to the way you cook today. Maybe it's something you discovered here on The Perfect Pantry. If you haven't had your own kitchen for 10 years, find something you have now that you didn't have a year ago.
  2. Snap a photo, quick and easy with your smartphone! 
  3. Email the photo to me: [email protected].
  4. Include your name, and where your pantry is located (city, or state, or country).
  5. Make sure to say what the pantry item is (especially if your photo has more than one thing in it), and include a sentence or two about why it's in your pantry.

You may send as many photos as you like, whenever you like. Please send each photo in its own email (easy to do from your smartphone), with your name on each one. Send one photo, ten photos, or more. I have tons of things in my pantry now that weren't there 10 years ago.

***You may send any item, food or nonfood, from your pantry/kitchen, but if you send a photo of a food ingredient I don't have, I will try to get it and create a recipe with it. 

I'm looking forward to sharing your photos, so snap a shot and email to me:

[email protected]


Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


Rotel? Yes! I used to bring it from Colorado to Massachusetts in my suitcases before it was widely available. Makes Mexican cooking a breeze. I even use it in my red sauce to accompany pasta or spaghetti squash. When fresh tomatoes are not in season, it makes a wonderful base for home made salsa.

Rotel is not a regular in my pantry but I do buy it now and then. It is certainly convenient for quick weeknight meals- a stir fry of vegetables, beans and Rotel is tasty folded into a tortilla. Also makes a quick Mexican-style rice.

Yes, I have Ro-Tel tomatoes and love them for a quick way to add spicy flavor to things!

LOVE RO-TEL! I have used it for decades. Ro-Tel is a must in my pantry!

Absolutely have Ro*Tel in my pantry, it's a necessary ingredient in chili!

Rotel is not a regular in my pantry, but I do use it from time to time. I do like it, but have not used it beyond a few recipes that call for it.

Ro-Tel tomatoes are in my pantry original and hot which I like to use in my recipes to kick it up a notch like using drained Ro-Tel tomatoes to make BLTs or hamburgers with bacon, Lettice and tomato.

rotel? oh yes! love it....it's a staple in the pantry; we get down to 2 cans, it's time to get more ....rotel, along with canned refried beans, black olives and shredded cheese makes for a quick, ez meatless monday tex-mex tortilla stack; also adds a nice kick to soups ;0)

I have not used RoTel much, but do like it.
I don't know how I missed the Ropa Vieja posting, but that alone is enough for me to purchase a can of these spicy tomatoes!

It is a staple in our pantry.

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