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Salt: like or dislike?


[After a year of Saturdays, welcome to our final Like or Dislike. Next Saturday, we'll introduce a new fun photo feature.]

Salt: can't cook without it. Period. End of story. Kosher salt is my cooking salt of choice; sea salt is the salt I use to add pop on a salad. I've never been a person who adds salt to their food at the table, unless I'm in a restaurant where the food is grievously underseasoned, but I know that a pinch of salt, even in sweet foods, enhances the natural flavor of other ingredients. How do you feel about salt?

Salt: like or dislike?

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LIKE, LOVE, but have to watch how much I consume :0( have been using pink Himalayan salt....it seems stronger so I try to use less (bummer) lol

I'm afraid I like it TOO much!!! A real health problem.

Love it! I'm not heavy handed with the salt, but it's probably the single ,easiest thing to add to food to make it taste better!!

No way to cook without it

Love salt! I use kosher salt for most of my cooking (except baking) and even sprinkle some on my food at the table. My pet peeve is when restaurants don't offer salt and pepper on the table - sometimes I just need a bit more on my food!! And yes, I am a dietitian. :)

Food is not worth eating without salt! love it-even tho-the powers that be keep telling us -it's not good for us--use it sparingly but use it!

If I had to make a choice, I'd choose pepper... but that's not the question.
Moderate on the salt by choice, often reduce the amount called for in a recipe, or use Kosher salt (Diamond) which provides 1/2 the amount of sodium.
I have a variety -- gray Atlantic, pink Himalayan, Maine, Korean (my everyday sea salt), and applewood smoked. I'm not subtle enough for the ordinary ones, but smoked is fun.

salt: hate it.
and do cook w/o it...every. chance. I. get.

Love it! Without salt most meals are not as good.

I love salt. However, husband had a heart attack so I try to be careful in cooking with it. There's a salt shaker on the table but it's barely used.

Love, love, love salt!

Could not live without it. I use both regular, iodized salt, and many other varieties.

Like it, but in moderation. I use it in cooking, but don't add more at the table. And I don't care for or understand salt added to deserts and candy at the end as a garnish.

No..no salt! not good for me and I'm not a salty person.. don't cook with it either..have discovered many other spices. just sayin!

Chocolate or chips in front of me ... I'm diving into the chips and don't stop me!!! Love the salt. But yes, I know it's not good for me so I buy smal bags of chips. :-)

I LOVE salt, cook with it all the time, even when recipes don't call for salt, I usually add a little. I've been using pink Himalayn for the most recipies, but if called for, I use kosher salt. About a year ago, my husband bought me a beautiful wooden and glass box full of salts from all over the world, and we have used most of them up in experimental fashion. Now, I am using the container for spices.
Can't get better than a salt and sweet treat chocolate treat!

I am a salt fiend lol Love it. In moderate amounts, and if you don't have contraindications, it's not bad for you. That's another one of those myths that just won't die.

I cook with kosher salt, bake and can with fine salt, and sometimes use more highly flavored finishing salts. It's all-around good stuff.

And I have over a hundred herbs, spices, blends and sauces in my pantry and fridge that I also cook with. Just sayin'! ;)

Love salt and can't cook without it although adding different herbs and spices at the right time brings out natural flavor I use Kosher salt all the time for cooking Hawaiian pink, white and black salt are more finishing salts than cooking salts. I don't consume more than 2,000mg of sodium a day.

I like salt for food, sore throats, scrubbing stains --

had a body salt scrub once--skin so soft. I chuckle re our expression of 'sea salt'--it seems to me that all salt comes from the sea--our salt mines were former seas; or salt is derived when water evaporated , boiled off etc. Have used French grey salt since I first saw it on Martha Stewart so many years ago, crush it in mortar & pestle for baking etc. , have a salt grinder. Remember that for salt to be free flowing, chemicals have to be added--one has to make that choice. Himalayan salt is available everywhere one goes--is there really that much salt being shipped from those mines??
Question: is coffee improved with a touch of salt added to the ground coffee--I've been adding just a bit--health reasons not to use more, but I cannot tell--are there facts re this?

I love salt, and probably use far too much of it!

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