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Dark chocolate: like or dislike?

Dark chocolate

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'Tis the weekend when almost everyone is talking about chocolate, or thinking about it, and dark chocolate is the way to go. Never mind that it's full of antioxidants, and helps to regulate blood sugar, or that it just plain tastes good. Dark chocolate can spice up your Valentine's Day with a few aphrodisiac effects: it helps increase blood flow, elevates mood, and boosts energy. So what's not to love? Kids often prefer the creamier taste of milk chocolate; for the adult palate, dark chocolate comes in different depths of pure cocoa flavor. How do you feel about dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate: like or dislike?

Last week: cornstarch. Who liked, and who disliked? Take a peek. And stay tuned for a new Saturday feature, beginning next week. (Hint: keep your smart phone close at hand for this one.)

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I love dark chocolate the darker the better! I look for the kind with the least amount of sugar. I put cocoa powder on my yogurt in the morning and I look for places to put chocolate! In a box of chocolates, I will eat the dark chocolate and leave the milk chocolate ones! Couple that with dark chocolate and nuts and I am in heaven!

I'm in Peru this week enjoying dark chocolate. Love, love, love!!

Dark Chocolate IS chocolate; Milk Chocolate is adulterated real Chocolate; and White Chocolate is?......something, but definitely not chocolate. Need I say more?!

I love dark chocolate! I love dark as well as other chocolates in baking, as well as just eating it!!

I grew up on plain milk chocolate Hershey Bars. They were my favorite candy until I
found dark chocolate. I still love both, but if I am given a choice, I will select the dark chocolate every time.

I don't love dark chocolate, although I enjoy it if it's not TOO dark. But in general chocolate is not my thing. I like it, but don't crave it. I know, unexplainable!

I love dark chocolate! I have some in the fridge and I'm going to make dark chocolate bark with cinnamon chips, cashews, dried dates and dried cherries! Talk about a load of antioxidants! Lol

Btw, white chocolate is typically cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. Okay, but not nearly as good as dark chocolate, imo.

my mother swears i'm either an alien-human hybrid or i was switched at birth b/c i am not a "chocolate person" like her and her side of the family....but gimme anything lemon and i'm good to go LOL; ever so often i get in a chocolate mood and the less sweet dark kind is where it's at with me....however, i do use it in chili and other cultural dishes/sauces

Love, Love, Love! I love to eat it; I love to cook with it.

Dark chocolate is my favorite. I dislike white chocolate and will eat milk chocolate only if I have nothing else to nibble on.

What Clara said. :-)

Love dark chocolate! It's the only chocolate worth eating.

I love it but I don't cook with it because I am the only one in the family who likes it.

Love Dark Chocolate! I am also blessed to have moved to the only state (Hawaii) in the U.S.A. that commercially grows chocolate. Waialua Estate Chocolate on Island of Oahu is internationally ranked as one of the best and most expensive “Single Estate Chocolate” in the world. Waialua Estate Coffee and Chocolate won an International Chocolate Award at the prestigious Salon du Chocolate in Paris this past Wednesday October 28, 2015. Waialua Estate on the North Shore of Oahu was honored with the Cocoa of Excellence award in the Asia/ Pacific Division and was recognized as one of the 17 Best cacaos in the world. Over the counter it sells about $10 for 2 oz.

I'm a dark chocolate enthusiast, the darker the better. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are definitely not worth eating.

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