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Cocoa powder: like or dislike?

Cocoa powder

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Now that I live in the city, with a little market right across the street, when I crave something chocolate I tend to run out and get a Hershey bar. I forget all about the cocoa powder that is always in my pantry. The cocoa powder that could become a cup of hot chocolate, or a batch of chocolate cookies, more than enough to satisfy any craving. Cocoa powder isn't just for sweets; I add a spoonful to many sauces -- even tomato sauce -- to deepen the flavor. I always have at least one can of unsweetened cocoa powder in my pantry. How about you?

Cocoa powder: like or dislike?

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I can't think of a time when I was ever without cocoa powder in the pantry!

This is always in my pantry, sometimes several brands. And I love that I can add chocolate flavor to something without adding sugar.

I have three cans in my pantry right now so I guess you know my answer!

Prefer to buy a free trade brand available to me-dark, so much flavour & density, have to cut down on amount a recipe calls for. Keep a can of dutch-process on hand for when a recipe is specific . Would like a lesson on when dutch-process must be used over my preferred. Bulk stores sell 2 or 3 kinds--would like to understand more. Always has been a staple for a chocolate loving family. I notice that cake recipes now use squares AND cocoa for best flavour.

Like it! Always handy to make a chocolate something!! yum

I love Droste brand cocoa powder. Grew up with this cocoa powder and love making hot cocoa with this using boiling water (as first originally directed in the box, not milk). I normally use Drote brand cocoa powder for all my baked goods (muffins and cakes), but lately I've been switching with Hershey's Special Dark for sugar roll out cookies because Droste didn't give me the rich chocolate taste I wanted in sugar cookies. Every pantry should have cocoa powder.

Have two containers in my pantry right now. Making hot chocolate as I type this.

I would think cocoa is a universal 'like' - barring allergies! I have fond memories from childhood, coming in from sledding down the long steep hill in front of our house, trudging up the hill and going into the house exhausted, to a fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa.
I am sometimes amazed how little cocoa powder is needed for the rich chocolate taste, in a brownie, for instance.
Recently I've rotated in some carob powder - not a direct substitute, but parallel (and non-allergenic, naturally sweet so it takes far less sugar than cocoa).
Now, I think I am changing my plans for what to bring to a potluck tonight. Looks like PP Mexican Chocolate Cookies (though not made with powder, but that's how the mind moves).

LIKE i like using cocoa powder in non-sweet dishes, it seems to add another layer of flavor to gravies, sauces, rubs, etc

I love using cocoa powder to make chocolate syrup from scratch for the kids. The stuff you buy in the bottle has high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and sugar in the first few ingredients! I also occasionally make a three minute cake in the microwave which is a guilty pleasure. :)

I like it, and have two kinds in my pantry all the time.

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