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Disposable pastry bags: like or dislike?

Pastry bags

Bakers and non-bakers alike might keep a stash of plastic, disposable pastry bags in the pantry. They're perfect for cookie icing, of course, but also for making fancy swirly designs with mashed potatoes. And, let's face it, the worst part of using a traditional cloth pastry bag is cleaning it out. I confess: I reach for these disposable bags more and more often these days, and I happily toss them away when I'm finished with them, no washing required. I'm wondering if you use them, too.

Disposable pastry bags: like or dislike?

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I've never had a pastry bag of any kind, and didn't even know such a thing as paper disposable ones existed! But if I was going to decorate something with icing (which is highly unlikely!) I'd love having something like this to use.

I use a ziptop sandwich bag instead of my pastry bag almost all the time, for the same reason. So, I'm a like! :)


I like using disposable bags because they are easier to manage and using more than at a time is a breeze. Regular pastry bags tend to get icky even after you wash them. And waiting for them to dry can be tedious.

I do not own any, and use zip-lock sandwich bags in a pinch. I must get some! Love them.

I don't do cake decorating and tend to avoid recipes that involve piping but if I ever did any
of those things disposable bags sound wonderful.

i bought a pastry bag and tips years ago, thinking i was in tall cotton now....used it ONE time; it's now dry rotting in a storage bin LOL.....the clean up wasn't worth having it. i've moved on to freezer zip bags, which are much more convenient (throw away vs hand wash), but now that i know there are disposable pastry bags, i might just have to try 'em out! i imagine they're thicker than the standard freezer zip bag; thank you for cluing me in on this! ;0)

You and your family/friends enjoy a nice and fulfilling holiday season, however you celebrate this time of year

I think this is like the "washable or disposable diaper" discussion. Which is fundamentally tougher on the environment?

I don't find washing my canvas pastry bag that big a deal and I seem to do a better job with the canvas bag than with paper or plastic.

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