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Agave nectar: like or dislike?

Agave nectar

Let's end the year with something a little bit sweet. Okay, more than a little bit, but not quite as sweet as honey. I love agave, and use it in my own balsamic vinaigrette dressing, in tomato sauce, drizzled on yogurt or ice cream, and a hundred other ways. Agave is a plant-based product, which makes it more acceptable than honey to some strict vegans. How about you? Is agave nectar in your pantry?

Agave nectar: like or dislike?

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Yes, I like agave nectar, although it's gotten controversial in recent years due to the high levels of fructose. But I use this sparingly as a little touch of sweet flavor in a stir-fry sauce or salad dressing, and to me it adds just the right amount of sweetness.

I use agave in recipes that call for liquid sweetener, especially honey. Though I love honey, agave (also tasty) is so much easier to pour and measure, and it doesn't crystalize. (Molasses and maple syrup would be the exceptions - tastes are unique.)

i've never used agave nectar, usually use honey or maple syrup; but am wanting to buy some, see if it's as tasty as i've heard, altho there have been some arguments against agave due to the very high % of fructose.....however, as in all things, moderation is the key

happy new year, hope 2016 will be a good'un for everyone! ;0)

I have agave nectar and use it primarily in Mexican/South American dishes when they need a little sweetness, usually to balance the lime juice in cilantro-lime sour cream or dressing. I also use honey, molasses and maple syrup, depending on what I'm making.

I don't worry about micronutrients. I figure, if I'm eating mostly whole foods in an overall balanced diet, I'm getting what I need. Also, since fructose is the primary sugar in fruit, I don't see why it should be controversial. As with any sugar, just don't overdo it.

I've only used it once in a recipe that called for it. It was good in that recipe. I am pre-diabetic
and have to avoid or use sparingly all sources of sugar and carbohydrate, So, most of the time,
when I want to sweeten things, I use carbohydrate free sweeteners.

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