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Herbs in a tube: like or dislike?

Gourmet Garden herbs in a tube.

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When we lived in the log house, a million miles from a grocery store, I grew my own herbs and wouldn't have given a passing glance to herbs in a tube. Then, we moved to the city, a million miles from my herb garden, and when I saw these herb pastes in the produce section of the supermarket, I thought, why not give them a try? Well, I'm hooked. The tubes last for weeks, and a squirt here and there adds bright, fresh flavor to soups, stews, stir-fries, marinades... well, pretty much anything. There are a couple of brands, but this is the one I've been using (and nobody is paying me to say this). Have you tried herbs in a tube yet? What do you think?

Herbs in a tube: like or dislike?

Last week: dried cranberries. Who liked, and who disliked? Take a peek.

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I thought it was such a great idea, a no brainier really ... That is until I tasted it!!
Ugh GROSS!! If you read the ingredient list you will know why. So many preservatives! Probably more than actual herbs.

Stay clear!

I have seen these in the store here but haven't tried them. i always have basil in the freezer, but I'd consider trying some of the other ones.

I have not seen them in my supermarket as yet. I would only try the ones that have the herbs I cannot not readily get in my supermarket, like the thai spices

Cannot live without the garlic. Cooking for one wastes little- used spices, herbs and condiments. If I can add a touch of flavor without wasting 90% of the left-overs l'll use it. I really like the garlic, tomato, and black olives. Now, I'm looking forward to trying other flavors.

We bought several tubes of these a couple of months back at my spouse's nudge (she's been a professional chef for decades). She told me I'd use these alot and would save money over buying fresh herbs every grocery shop & then throwing half of them out a week later (her frugality issue, not mine).
Result: I agreed to try them but now I don't remember ever using them (they are in a different part of the fridge), I don't like the consistency (I want an herb to look and feel like an herb), I don't like all the preservatives ... so they're still sitting there ... hardly used (she uses them but hardly ever cooks at home). I don't think I'd spend the money on the tubes again. Next time I buy fresh herbs I will try to remember to freeze any leftover herbs before they get yucky slimy.

I haven't used this brand. I do have a tube of ginger puree (S & B, no ingredient listing on the tube - must be on the long-gone box) and a jar from an Indian market of chile /ginger paste (have also had garlic/ginger) in the fridge. And in the freezer, basil and ginger from a company called Dorot, in little portioned cubes - with other ingredients, but not preservatives. I rarely use them!
What I do use is some I freeze myself. I have whole ginger, turmeric and galangal rhizomes and a bunch of dill, in plastic bags. Then I have them ready to chop, mince, slice or grate when needed -- and there's enough there for realistic use.
My attempts to grow herbs have been pathetic! I do sometimes use a trick found in a magazine - combine some fresh parsley with some dried basil when summer is over. That seems to work.

Never knew they existed. Doesn't seem likely to substitute for fresh. If fresh is not available or practical, seems like dried would be preferable.

I have to have the lemon grass because it's just not available around me. I'm wondering about coriander. Cilantro wilts so quickly and it's difficult to use up a bunch.

I buy them in the tubes if they are either unique blends or out of season. You can find them in the produce section of the store. They're great to have when you either forgot to buy fresh or only need a little for a recipe. They will keep forever in the freezer.

I've never tried them, but I don't think the preservatives in the little tubes are any more "nasty" than any other preservatives you eat in any other non-fresh foods (packaged biscuits, sauces, candy etc). I think the aversion is all in the mind because we're always told that herbs have to be fresh, fresh, fresh - and of course they are fantastic fresh - but when you have no access to fresh herbs, I think this is a very acceptable alternative.

I have not tried these, and I don't think I ever would. A farm stand that I go to every week
always has plenty of fresh herbs so I buy them as needed all year round.

Good experience with them. Not perfect, but good.

I haven't tried them because I have a large herb garden and live in an area with a long growing season. I might try the spice mixes, though.

i've seen these "herbs-in-a-tube", but haven't bought them.....am thinking they'd be good to use when fresh herbs are out of season or when i've run out of an herb or spice; they seem to be popular tho, as i've seen them in many a shopping cart.....with so many comments about the preservatives, i'll look at a tube next time i'm at the store, see what all is in them.....i'm not crazy about a lot of preservatives in my food, but, something like this---there would have to be some, to keep the fresh "herby" taste and color,,,,,it's a trade-off for convenience i suppose....of which there are times when i favor convenience above all else lol

I keep the ginger one around and I find it very useful - I used it so quickly I've upgraded to a big jar of ginger from the Asian market. The others I never buy, but I really really hate peeling and mincing ginger. I might consider the garlic one, but if I"m feeling lazy I just use a garlic press, so that doesn't have the same appeal.

I like them. True they are not as good as fresh. But we all know that. When I am in a hurry or for an herb I don't use a lot, I love these. I started buying them about a year ago. Several kinds I keep on hand. Using their idea, I've frozen some herbs and herb blends. But the tubes are great in a pinch.

I have tried them all and have decided that I do not like the taste of the green herb ones. But I DO keep a stock of ginger (so much easier than peeling and grating!), lemon grass (can't usually find it otherwise), and garlic (for when I am lazy).

I like them~

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