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Curry powder: like or dislike?

Curry powder

Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

When I moved into my first apartment, I stocked my meager spice rack with a few basics I remembered from my mother's kitchen: table salt and black pepper, of course, but also tins of paprika and hot mustard (for dipping sauces for Chinese take-out), oregano and cinnamon and Madras curry powder. Even back then, you could buy Madras curry powder in the supermarket spice aisle. I didn't know there was more than one type of curry powder, or even that it was, in fact, a blend of spices. Now I know, and I keep half a dozen curry powders on my spice rack. I've also stocked most of the components to blend my own curry powder, though I confess that I never do it, because I'm just not knowledgeable or confident enough to get it right. I use sweet curry more than any other, and sometimes I mix it 50-50 with hot curry. How about you? Do you use curry powder, or do you mix your own?

Curry powder: like or dislike?

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we like curry powder but in small doses and on the sweeter side rather than hot. i prefer to make my own because i can add in more of which spice or spices we like better; that said, i was in an asian grocery couple of weeks ago, found a tin of chinese curry....never seen that before, so i just *had* to buy it LOL; am eager to try it out, but will wait until we're hungry for a nice curry flavored meal. curry is nice but it's not something we want to have all the time; guess i need some inspiration on how to use it more (hint-hint) ;0)

Iam having a very difficult with this site today. In the cupboard there are 3 kinds of curry. I have tired making curry dishes and none tasted very good so the powder stays unused. A plus for the restaurants that do serve curry.

Like, and not just for curries! I use a mild powder, mixed in equal parts with paprika, and coat a roasting chicken with it, a small drizzle of oil and roast. Yum yum . A decent mild curry powder is always on my shopping list when I visit the UK, here in France, it can be difficult to find!

Like, especially for curried chicken or tuna salad! It's also great for quick soups- red or yellow dal or dips.

Love curry,all kinds.

Making a curry from scratch might be better, but using a good curry powder is a great way for me to use the fresh vegetables now coming out of my garden.

I have all three of the curry powders you show in the photo in my spice drawer, so I think that answers the question. And in Kenya I got some Swahili curry powder that I can't wait to try!

Like but don't use as often as I would like.

Better half does not love.
A quandary.

I make a lot of authentic Indian recipes and they don't call for Curry powder. My first rookie mistake was buying curry powder at the grocery store and it was awful.

I've long loved the taste of curry powder - the kinds you show. As my interest grew in Indian food, I expanded my spice collection to follow the recipes, using individual spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric and many more. My collection now includes black mustard seed, ajwain, fenugreek (leaves my latest acquisition), panch phoran (a blend).... hard to find spaces for them all.
Then there are the curry powder relatives from other places: I have Jamaican and Japanese.
I love the taste, and it's a good quick fix for something that needs a little bit of excitement, and not too much!
So, if I want the taste of "curry," I use curry powder. If I want the taste of Indian food I follow recipes from authentic sources. Either way, the food will be delicious.

I've never met a curry powder that I didn't like.

Like! No LOVE! I've been using the Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder you included in your photo for decades. I make some type of curry 3or 4 times a month. S&B Curry Powder is great for Japanese curries. Sometimes I make my own blends, but I will never give up my tins.

I like curry powder. Didn't discover it until I became an adult. I use it regularly and I sometimes make my own. I tend to use it sparingly because I've some times had dishes were I felt the curry overwhelmed the ingredients rather than enhanced them. can't imagine cooking without it.

I have 3 types of curry powder in my pantry, the ones in your picture, and they are what I use. This winter, though, I intend to get into making Indian food at home more seriously so maybe I'll learn to make some of my own blends.

I think the best part of this "like or dislike" for us is getting to read different suggestions. Some have so many more ideas than I do. But I do know I like curry powder, the hot more than the sweet. So usually use a mix of sweet and hot. Use the same as in the picture.

I love curry and make it often but I never use 'curry powder'; I make my own mixes or follow authentic curry recipes so that I have a variety of flavours for curry. Using curry powder, every tastes the same.

When I first read Indian recipes on non-Indian blogs, I was totally mystified by this 'curry powder' in the ingredient list. I cook mostly Indian food and still have no idea what 'curry powder' is! Some ready spice blends I use are for specific recipes - pav bhaji masala, channa masala, sambar powder, for example. I keep my spice powders separate as recipes can call for them in different proportions, at different stages of cooking. The idea of a generic premixed 'curry powder' doesn't excite me.

I have grown to like recipes that use curry powder,curry blends. More recently the spice goddess show has caused me to be even more interested in cooking with curry powder and mixes.
It is a great spice.

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