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Burgers, burgers, burgers! The Perfect Pantry's favorites for summer grilling

Nothing beats an old-fashioned cheeseburger!

Nothing tops a juicy cheeseburger cooked to perfection on the grill. Nothing. I'm pretty sure I'd opt for a burger over my favorite jambalaya or garlic chicken skewers for my last meal. I love turkey burgers, and salmon burgers, and the occasional veggie burger, but at heart I'm a purist and adore my dribble-down-the-chin beef burgers. However, when it comes to toppings, I'm open to new ideas. Salsa and avocado, feta cheese, hummus -- I'll try it. How about you? Are you open-minded when it comes to burgers?

Here are some favorites from The Perfect Pantry, and from food bloggers everywhere. I've been collecting hundreds of great burger ideas on my Pinterest ** Burgers** board (meat, poultry, fish and veggie); please click through and be inspired.

Green chile cheeseburger, from The Perfect Pantry.

My absolute favorite green chile cheeseburger has roasted green chiles and cheese inside. Make it hot or mild, depending on the peppers you choose.

Greek turkey burgers with yogurt and feta sauce, from The Perfect Pantry.

We eat more turkey burgers than beef these days. This Greek turkey burger with yogurt and feta sauce is a winner.

Salmon burgers with green yogurt sauce, from The Perfect Pantry.

For a lighter option, try these salmon burgers with green yogurt sauce, with or without a bun. You can make them on the grill (a panini press would work well), but I like to cook them in a pan, on the stovetop.

Turkey pesto meatball sliders, from The Perfect Pantry.

Sometimes, you don't want a big burger, and for those times, try these turkey pesto meatball sliders. Or, turn any of your favorite meatballs into sliders; use an ice cream scoop to make large meatballs, and serve them on small buns or rolls.

Vegan black bean cakes served as sliders, from The Perfect Pantry.

Speaking of sliders, these spicy vegan black bean cakes with guacamole make perfect sliders to satisfy any burger lover.


More burger ideas from favorite food blogs (and I can't wait to try them all!):

Hawaiian BBQ salmon burgers with coconut caramelized pineapple, from Half Baked Harvest

Southwest chipotle burger sliders, from Barbara Bakes

Sweet potato veggie burgers with quinoa and kale, from Namely Marly

Jamaican jerk veggie burgers, from Oh My Veggies

Buffalo chicken burger, from Will Cook for Smiles

Jalapeño cheddar burgers, from Spend with Pennies

Indian-spiced quinoa chickpea burgers, from Hello Little Home

Asian BBQ burger with Sriracha mayo, from Flavor Mosaic

Homemade Big Mac, from Copykat.com

Patty melt, from Wonky Wonderful

Chorizo burgers with cool ranch pepper sauce, from The Kitchen Whisperer

Chicken avocado burgers, from Laughing Spatula

Thai peanut butter and bacon burger, from The Noshery

Mozzarella mushroom burgers, from Mostly Homemade Mom

PS: The adorable boy in the top photo, my now-11-year-old grandson, still loves a good, juicy cheeseburger.

Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


Great post, and all your burgers look fantastic. Who is the adorable guy eating the burger?

Kalyn, it's my artistic grandson, now age 11! This photo is from 5 years ago, but I just love it.

What a great collection of burgers!

Pam, thanks! Get your grill on!

My mouth is watering just at the sight! They all look so good. xo, Catherine

Catherine, I agree! I'd happily have a burger for breakfast today.

The black beans are on the stove now: spicy BB burgers tonight!

Susan, proof that there really is a burger for everyone. Enjoy!

Dear Lydia,

The picture at the top of your article is precious. Regardless, Kraft American "cheese food" doesn't contribute to a really good burger nor does "Wonder" grade buns.

I'm uncertain about some of your intent. For the purists among us, if "inside" means inside the burger as a whole we are on board. If "inside" means mixed into the meat of the patty we'll be picketing outside your home. *grin*

Some of the ideas in your article are quite good.

If one is to stray from burgers made from cows to those from fowl yogurt and feta is a wonderful idea.

For those eschewing carbs heavy leaf vegetables like cabbage are very effective. For salmon patties, avacodo and yogurt sauce are great condiments as you show.

In my opinon, good beaf with at least 20% fat (most of which cooks out), proper formation of the patty so it doesn't puff up into a golf ball, salt and pepper, other condiments on and not in the burger, and a quality bun make for a wonderful summer burger experience.

Dave, nothing is more joyous than watching one of your grandchildren enjoy a burger his way! I'm not promoting "cheese food", as we call it in our house, but I am promoting the fun of burgers, in hopes each reader will find his or her own favorite.

just now catching up on things; what a beautiful collection of burgers you show! we're cheese heads, so we always have a platter of various cheeses out to try...some work, some don't as well, according to my gang; we don't eat beef, so poultry, fish, beans or vegs is our usual burger make up; love the black bean cakes you have pictured ;0) burgers are great any time of year ;0)

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