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Oven mitts: like or dislike?

Harrods oven mitt

Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

Do you have one of these in your kitchen? Maybe not this exact one, but a puffy oven mitt someone has brought home from their travels, or one you've bought as a souvenir? Do you have a pile of oven mitts? I do, but I have to admit that I don't love using them. Whether made of fabric, or silicone, oven mitts just feel clunky, and at the same time, too thin, to me. I much prefer pot holders for grabbing things off the stove or out of the oven. How do you feel about oven mitts in general -- do you use them, collect them, give them as gifts, or avoid them?

Oven mitts: like or dislike?

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Was gifted with oven mitt couple of years ago; never use it.

Ability to grasp objects, handles really primary in cooking. Why something that separates one's hands from the objects more than a square pot holder? One of my favorites is double-crochet pale blue and yellow that was given to me when I admired it. Slightly bulkier than usual holder but sweet look!

You've made me think up an origin story for oven mitt. Imagine a farm woman, early 20th century, determined to think of a gift for a neighbor. She had, leftover fabric from quilting, decided to make just one. Idea caught on. Much better story at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oven_glove

Dislike....and a good question. I find that a certain size pot holder works best and I seek it out.....way over an oven mit.

DISLIKE oven mitts. Too bulky, hard to "feel" what i'm trying to grab hold of....prefer pot holders over mitts any day

Oven mitts are good for grabbing potatoes out of the oven or using as a base for thawing foods rather than using a towel.

Never use them! But, I have a half dozen pot holders. :)

Oven mitts are really never that comfortable. Difficult to work in. I normally end up grabbing a tea towel folding it up and using that. (I know I am lazy)

Not a fan of oven mitts and I usually throw them away if someone gives me one. My favorite pot holders are the ones my sister Pam crochets for me!

Honestly, not my go to "thing" when I need to get whatever is in the oven. I would grab a towel while looking at the mitt. Too bulky. I think it's there because I don't have the heart to do away with it. As I write I'm sure there is someone who could use it. Thank you!

I have a set of quilted fabric oven mitts that I actually really like. They are well padded for protection and the fabric is flexible enough to get a good grip. I still also use some thick terrycloth potholders as well. It all depends on what I'm doing.

Having a bakery, one needs oven mitts to get things out of a hot stone bread oven. So required there as one does not burn one's arm.

At home, I still use a mitt, but prefer the ones I've purchased in the UK, sleeves to put your hands in connected by padded fabric which nestles around the pot. And I definitely agree that size of the potholder is critical to its use.

I have a small kitchen so storage is limited - my potholder was made by my niece at camp - she made me 3 I have one left - it is the perfect size and protects my fingers. No need for a mitt although when we have community cookouts a mitt is used and seems to work much better than a smaller holder would.

Dislike. Probably would have helped avoid those nasty heating element burns, but I just don't feel like I have control with them on. I prefer my tightly woven cloth hot pads for retrieving hot items from the oven. And I LOVE my silicone hot pads to throw on the counter top because dishes don't move around and stay put.

I always have one oven mitt, which is regularly used for taking pans out of the oven. I wear it on my non-dominant hand, so I think it has something to do with feeling more protected on my weaker side. I know that when I'm at someone else's house, and must use two potholders, I feel vulnerable and more likely to burn myself.

Use them but not a fan.
They take up a lot of space and there are other alternatives which are equally good.

I don't like them except for using when grilling to give my hands more protection from the high heat. For oven and store top cooking they are too bulky.

Need my open-mouthed frog mitt to take out pans and baking sheets from the oven. Pot holders for just about everything else, or a handy dish towel. Use the right tool for the job!

I most often use potholders BUT I definitely bring out my oven mitts (my favorite one has silicone "hands") when I need to pull out something that will otherwise spatter on my arms, like roast chicken or bacon.

I don't like them either. I use silicon pads or a folded kitchen towel. I keep thinking I SHOULD like them....

Sometimes use them at other people's kitchen if they have them out. I don't own any, sigh.

I like them. I have a bowl full on keep on a shelf on my island.

Barb and Bev should get in touch! If a mitt needs a home, and a home needs a mitt...

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