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Mayonnaise: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

Tuna salad, egg salad, lobster salad: could any of them exist without mayonnaise? Growing up, my family preferred Miracle Whip, which was loaded with high fructose corn syrup, but I've given that up in the past few years in favor of real mayo, store-bought or sometimes home made. Not just for salads and sandwiches, mayonnaise is the mystery ingredient in my basil pesto, and my husband Ted's Uncle Donald adds some to scrambled eggs. People have strong feelings about mayo; some can't stand it, others can't live without it. How about you?

Mayonnaise: like or dislike?

Last week: sesame. Who liked, and who disliked? Take a look!

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I love mayo! My sister won't touch it.


Love mayo. HATE Miracle Whip.

Love it!! Too much.:) Hellman's is my favorite with Duke's running a close second.

A block of cheese, a knife, and a good mayo. What more does one need?!

Like--as long as it's Hellmann's. What my family calls "the world's best potato salad" would be meh with anything else.

I love mayo and also use Miracle Whip in certain recipes as well. Hellmans is the favorite in my house but I do use Kraft on occassion.

Cannot abide it. Run the other way. Only tolerate low fat version enough to hold tuna salad together. My mother's German style potato salad with Wishbone Italian salad dressing poured over the potatoes while they are still warm takes the cake any day!

love it, use it often in sandwiches, salads -
a stable in our kitchen--

I love, love, love mayo. Homemade is best, but Hellman's is my go-to pick. My mom used Miracle Whip when we were growing up. YUCK!

I can use a few tablespoons of mayo in recipes but I hate it by itself as if on a sandwich...I think it is the vinegar it has in it as I grew up loathing the taste of vinegar....most creamy salad dressings I use sour cream instead or creme fraiche.

Not only do I love mayo, just bought a jar of it in Nairobi today!

I like it very much. But I can't eat the full fat versions anymore. At home we use Hellmann's Light.
You can't make Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, or Coleslaw without mayo.

I don't really like Mayo - I use some with Tuna. At the moment I have something from Trader Joe's. Luckily it has a long shelf life in the frog.

Since we retired to Tennessee, we've found a regional mayo, made in Knoxville, TN that we prefer to Kraft or Hellman's. It's JFG, and it's only available in the South. Really good flavor, and I use it in salads and for cooking. Sandwiches are almost always spread with Ranch Dressing, though. Strange, I know.

For most of my life, I disdained mayo as only good for potato salad and deviled eggs. "Obviously", coating something in fat was only warranted when the food was not well prepared, like dry chicken. Same thing with cream & sugar: Only needed when you had a crappy cup of coffee.

Then, I met a hot dog wagon operator who was Mexican. I spoke a few words in Spanish, because I wanted to make sure we understood each other. He seemed really happy that an Asian girl knew some Spanish and was making the effort to speak with him about his product. He asked if I wanted to try a Mexi-dog. *huh?* I'm pretty open to new food experiences, so I nodded and he gave me a dog slathered in mayo, with slivers of fresh cucumber, red jalapeno and tomato tucked generously all along the dog in a crusty roll. (He had "supermarket" buns for the regular dogs.)


Apparently, along with a red, white and green flag, Maximilian left Mexico a love of good bread and mayo.

That same summer, Martha Stewart made Mexican corn on the cob on her show: Hot corn, slathered with mayo, rolled in cotija, and served with chile powder and lime wedges. Crazy rich. I love corn so I usually leave off the mayo and just rub the lime on the corn to make the cheese stick.

Anyway, Mexican food opened my eyes to what mayo is good for. !Viva Mejico!

I love mayo! Best Foods/Hellmans or homemade. I have tried many other brands as my husband is allergic to eggs, but can't come up with anything that tastes as good as Best Foods. I hate Miracle Whip and always have, even as a kid! Just too dang sweet.

Yes I like mayo. Grew up on Hellmans/Miracle Whip but living in the south Dukes is the brand I reach for now.

LOVE mayo, prefer hellmann's or duke's...can't have a decent deviled egg, tuna or chicken salad without it! ;0)

I use mayo when possible instead of butter. Favourite is made by an Ontario co. available at Health Food stores and maybe health food section of larger supermarkets--limited distribution.Tastes more like salad dressing. Usually once a summer I buy a jar of Hellman's for a particular reason. BUT--to make a salad dressing/miracle whip is so easy in a blender--& heating the milk in micro speeds that up--but limited fridge life--so==cooking for one--I regret not making it.

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