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Carrots: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

There are foods I love raw but not cooked (strawberries), and foods I love cooked but not raw (fennel), and foods I love no matter what (chocolate). Carrots fall into the first category. Pile them raw and crunchy on a plate with dip, or in a salad, and I'm all in. Cook them in soup, or roasted in the oven, or in a stew, and you lose me. Cooked carrots just don't turn me on. It could be the texture I don't love, or the sweetness that comes out in the cooking. How about you? Are you an all-in carrot lover?

Carrots: like or dislike?

Last week: rubber spatulas. Or I guess I should have said rubber or silicone spatulas. Read the comments and you'll see that many cooks prefer one over the other. And remember -- it's never too late to add your thoughts, about rubber spatulas or any of the Like or Dislikes over the past few months.

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Like most vegetables, I will happily devour carrots - if they're raw. Cook them and you've lost me. That goes for even wave-over-a-heat-source stir frying.
Very much a texture issue for me.

O, like!
But mostly cooked. In soups, stews, as a staple in my chocolate labradors diet and especially cooked in big chunks just al dente with a bit of butter, a smidgen of sugar and cinnamon. But there is a but, I am totally and utterly hooked on the rainbow carrots as they are called in Holland. White, yellow, salmon, deep purple. Yum. Soon I will sow flaming red carrots in the allotment and keep my fingers crossed they don't go straight to flower again.
Keep up the good work Lydia!

I love carrots--cooked lightly and uncooked. I do not like carrot juice. I find it too sweet.

I used to hate COOKED carrots... I'd pick them out of chowders and stir fries.... Until recently. About a year ago I used a dinner delivery service that mails you the ingredients for a "gourmet" meal and you cook it according to their recipe. Well glazed whole baby carrots was a side dish. I was gonna save them to eat raw with hummus but then decided to give it another chance since I was told your taste buds change as an adult. The glazed carrots turned out better than I had remember cook carrots tasting. I've made them 2-3 times since... Just barely letting them warm through... I'd still pick them out of chowder and never canned!

LIKE carrots. I like them just about any way they can be fixed! ;0)

Carrots--mashed, boiled, grilled and baked til crunchy,nothing on them except fennel seeds or parsley!! Cooked better than raw, but dislike frozen. Odd as it may seem, I do like canned carrots.

Like them cooked. Once had them glazed and they were almost a dessert.

Love carrots. Raw, steamed, broiled, pressure cooked, sauteed, ....

I like carrots but don't love them except for raw organic carrots with ranch dip. And only the whole organic carrots, the "baby" carrots don't have the same flavor.

Although even as I type that I realize there are a few carrot recipes on my site that I really do love; one with tahini.

Carrots are really high in sugar though, so they aren't something I eat a lot of.

Carrots have always been not expensive, store well and long, available year round, everywhere, offer good nutrition: we are fortunate to have this access to this mostly fresh vegetable, a basic ingredient of North American cooking. I think the thing is, esp. for those who have very limited food funds, but some access to cooking, to take advantage of the flexibility of carrots, & how they can be persuaded to taste even better.
When 'baby carrots' are extruded from larger ones, I wonder what happens to the scraps?

I love carrots any way they come. OK, not canned. I am with Shirley, and love them for their availability and nutrition and price point. When we had almost no money, carrots and onions were what we ate mostly, and I still love them both. Roasted with cumin or fennel? Amazing!

Love them, any way, shape, or form.

I like them, raw or cooked. One of my favorite carrot recipes is a salad of grated raw carrots with a vinaigrette style dressing that has harissa, feta, and mint in it.

Carrots are very popular at our house. Raw or lightly cooked doesn't matter, we like them the same. Raw dipped in hummus is yummy. And the dog always has to get a bite as I'm fixing them. He prefers raw:)

I'm in the Like camp, raw and cooked. Lately I've used them a few times cut in medium size matchsticks and blanched to just lose the crunch - in summer rolls, and with asparagus and mushroooms and your orange-tarragon dressing (Salad book).
I don't see the sense of combining carrots with winter squash and/or sweet potatoes - too similar; but I will sub one for the other(s)in soups, spreads, etc.

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