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Cashews: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

Of all the nuts in all the world, my favorite -- the cashew -- isn't a nut at all. Native to Brazil, cashews are actually seeds of the cashew apple fruit, though in cooking and for snacking, cashews behave just like nuts. As a teenager, I always picked the cashews out of the mixed-nut canister, and today, when I'm lucky enough to get on a flight that offers some hot mixed nuts with my free drink (okay, that's not very often), I still pick out the cashews and pass the rest off to my travel companion. Maybe it's the crescent shape that attracts me, or maybe it's just the creamy mild flavor of cashews that I love. Nuts or not nuts, they've always been top of the bowl for me.

Cashews: like or dislike?

Last week: cumin. So glad to know there are other cumin lovers out there. For those who aren't addicted to it, I promise not to use it in every single recipe I share here, though there are times when only cumin will do!

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Life is better with cashews in it.

Love cashews! I really enjoyed seeing cashew trees in St. Lucia. Incidentally, I had the pleasure of trying dairy-free cashew milk ice cream this week. That creaminess factor really comes through.


My favorite nut. Put a bag in front of me and I will eat the entire sack. However, don't put nuts in sauces on salads anything that will make them wet.

Love them. If we have roasted, salted I have to make sure that the bag or jar is not in view. Since I am a no dairy girl, I love cashew parmesan too.

I absolutely adore cashews. Put I only eat them out of hand as a snack. Do you have recipes using them? I would like to try cooking with them.

Love! But most people don't realize that what are sold as raw cashews are not actually raw. They have to be heated to neutralize a toxin that is present in the raw seeds.


I don't dare buy them, I will eat the whole bag/can, even stoop to hiding them in the nightstand drawer.

I like cashews, but if I'm eating nuts as a snack my favorites are peanuts and roasted salted pecans. But I wouldn't pass up a cashew.

I've never tried making the sauce that some vegan dishes call "cashew cream" but I'm intrigued by it.

Love love love (when I eat nuts at all).

Positively adore them in all the ways I have tried. Especially like cashews in some curries. And they are really, really good used to make nut butter, which I think is amazing with some raw honey on homemade bread.

Cashews are my very favorite!

Love them! (And macadamias too. I couldn't choose)

I like most any nut, but cashews have to be at or near the top! I am known to fish them out of a mixed nut can!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cashews, hubster and i literally wipe out a can of those things! and yeah, we also fish them out of cans of mixed nuts LOL
we love them any way we can get them, their buttery smoothness can't be beat! we love them in main dishes besides snacking on them

even though this comment is late, had to weigh in. I do not like them at all. I leave them in the bottom of a bowl of mixed nuts and pass right by recipes that have cashews, although sometimes consider substituting "another" nut. Interesting to learn they are not really nuts.

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