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Lentils: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

I don't remember eating lentils until I went away to college. Nobody in my circle of school friends had any money, and lentils were cheap cheap cheap at the local health food co-op. My friends and I cooked up soups and stews on the (illegal) hot plates in our dorm rooms, and served big bowls of steaming goodness with hunks of very grainy bread slathered with sweet butter. (And yes, there might have been beer, to wash it all down.) Lentils are still an inexpensive source of nutrition, and I still make pots of lentil soup, often in the slow cooker or pressure cooker. Best of all, lentils don't need any pre-soaking. I always have a few different kinds in my pantry.

Lentils: like or dislike?

Last week: ice cream. Who'd have thought so many folks don't like it, or don't crave it? Thanks for weighing in on the ice cream issue. You've got me thinking about alternatives.

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Hi, I love lentils! Many people think that they are only for veggies, well I am no Veggie and use them at least once a week. I live in France and here we eat them cooked with carrots and onions and served with sausages! yummy, also my mother taught me to make a German soup using brown lentils and frankfurters, also yummy. In the summer I make a salad with lentils and chorzio, the list is endlesss There are many different types of lentils and it's amazing how versatile they are. Long live the lentil!

Yes, I do like lentils quite a lot, and tend to use them mostly in soups, although the little green French lentils are nice to serve as a salad or with fish. I like the red lentils also; they make a very tasty soup.

Hi, My mother is Hungarian and we ate lentils as our main meal about every other week. I still love them but have learned they are far healthier if we sprout them. I eat them sprouted (fresh)in salads and cooked as lentil patty for burgers etc.

Not like or dislike LOVE! I like to add them to things that use ground meat or sausage to stretch the meat and add nutrition. I like them as a side dish on their own, as a main, or mixed with rice in a pilaf. The last type I tried and my new favourite are beluga or "caviar" lentils - the little tiny round black ones - so delicate yet they hold their shape and do not turn to mush. Have to check the Perfect Pantry for recipes for them come to think of it!

the whole gang here is in the LIKE LENTILS camp; they're so versatile! the brown ones lend a meaty, mouth texture when i'm trying to stretch that "1 pound of ground meat" in a casserole/chili/burger/loaf; i use brown, black or red lentils at least once a week, but oddly....we're not all that pumped up over lentil salads LOL

I like them but they don't like me. I onl eat them in soup...sometimes

For anyone who reads my blog it's obvious I LOVE LENTILS! I like all the colors and enjoy them most any way you can think of cooking them from soup, stew, patties, in dips, in salads, as a taco ingredient, etc. I do have a family member who hates them and I just can't understand it.

Lentils are such a fact of life in my cooking that I hope I don't take them for granted. They are the secret ingredient in my meatballs, and I make a mean lentil and bulghur salad with a caramelized onion topping. I actually have eight kinds in my pantry right now if I can count the dahl... In fact, I am stuffing some Indian-style flaky bread with potatoes and lentils and spices for tomorrow's Sunday supper.

I'm right in the middle. Sometimes I adore lentils - see lentil bolognese! Sometmes I cannot get down with it - especially stuff like lentil soup.

I love having them, hate that I don't have many good recipes to use them in. They are so bland I think they need lots of more interesting flavors added to them. I do love a French sausage and lentil salad with a tangy vinaigrette dressing! I currently have some Indian whole black urad dal lentils (not the tiny beluga ones) I need to try. If anyone has any favorite lentil recipes (common lentils, the brown or green ones), I'd love to see them.

Love lentils! Growing up only had them in soup (and probably wasn't a fan like I am now.) I actually am trying to eat them more regularly now and last week I had them as my main protein in a meal - sautéed with onion & garlic. Good in salads too but I loved them even more how I cooked them last week.

I love all pulses and lentils the most. They are so versatile, in use and in size. I like them in soups or in salad.

Lentils always taste better when someone else prepares them. I don't have the knack for cooking them, under or over cook---no matter the recipe. I do give them a tasty rating.

I have loved Lentils all my life, have many of recipes.

Love them! I make a yummy salad with cooked, cold lentils combined with diced roasted red peppers, sicilian olives, shallots, roasted garlic, artichokes, marinated mushrooms dressed with an olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. Great in the summertime too.

I must be the odd vegetarian who prefers just about any legume over the common brown/green lentils - mostly about texture, I think. But I make wonderful meals and more with the splits AKA dal, in many colors and genealogies. But keep the ideas coming, Lydia. You may convince me yet. (Du Puy - finally used up my stock, not to repurchase... tedious little things.)

Sometimes lentils in general get a bad rap because someone has only had one version/type and doesn't like that. For example, I'm not really a fan of the old-fashioned hippy brown lentil soup. I do love a spicy red lentil soup and am a new convert to French (Du Puy) lentils which hold their shape in cooking and I think are more flavorful than the others. Unlike Susan G above, we're getting our DuPuy lentils in "mini-bulk" online but WILL be reordering when these are gone. ;-)

I love lentils but my innards have difficulty with them so they are a "once in a while special treat" for me.

I LOVE lentils, in soup and stews in cold weather, and salads in warm weather. We eat vegetarian dinners twice a week, and lentils are one of my go tos for vegetarian main dishes.

I don't care for red lentils at all, too mushy. But we love lentil salads with black lentils or green lentils or any kind that holds their shape. And rice and lentils with fried onions on top is also a favorite!

I love lentils, especially red lentils. I usually eat them in dal or soups. I'm interested in trying them in salads.

I don't like them. The mouth feel is disturbing to me and they don't taste like much. There are lots of foods that don't taste like much (like tofu) that are great ingredients. For me, lentils are just disturbing. YMMV.

I adore my lentils ... as an Indian it is a staple and I can enjoy it almost in all kinds of variations.

Love them.....all colors! I have gone out for Indian and ordered 3 lentil dishes.

I'd love to learn the trick for cooking them perfectly for whatever the use, whether its lentil loaf or chilie.

Do you have a recipe for a sweet and sour lentil soup? If so, please post it. There used to be one I could buy ready made but that isn't available anymore. I remember that it was made with brown lentils, had some tomato in the base, and was thick. Thank you.

Apart from soup and salad, lentils are great ingredients for many kinds of delicious food in Mediterranean and Middle East Kitchen.

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