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Notebooks: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, and favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

Call me old-fashioned, but I keep my recipe ideas, kitchen experiments, and wish lists in notebooks, the non-electronic kind, filled with lined paper. And I write notes with a pen. Yes, I have a smart phone, with apps for taking notes, but I always have a notebook in my pocket or purse to scribble (or sometimes sketch) my inspirations. When I cook, there's a notebook on the countertop, so I can record every step of a recipe, especially the ones I want to share with you. I'm partial to Moleskines, but I have some Russell + Hazel looseleaf notebooks that I love to use when I'm working on e-cookbooks and other projects. Are you a notebook person?

Notebooks: like or dislike?

Last week: raisins. A few people really, really don't like raisins. A few really, really love them. And I love that some people are making their own raisins; I never even thought to do that, but now I'm inspired.

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I do have notebooks that I keep for the recipes that I revert back to often. Some are hand-written and some printed. I find it much easier that scrolling through lists of disorganized recipes that I have just put under Favorites. I am not into all sorts of APPS and GADGETS. I still use the old-fashion books.

While I don't have a visceral dislike of them, I don't use notebooks, except for keeping track of books I want to read. I don't create my own recipes---no imagination whatsoever---so I use cookbooks and recipes printed on paper or cards.

As a list maker, I use notebooks a lot. Also as a quiltmaker for ideas, sketching, measurements, etc.
Not so much for cooking. I do keep a folder in kitchen of tried and true recipes for inspiration when I don't know what to cook.

I use a notebook. I print a hard copy and keep a 3 ring binder with plastic pages to arrange new recipes I want to try. Why go to this work? I used ziplist and when they discontinued that app I decided to go old school and not depend on an app! I always have my notebook!

LOVE notebooks! I use notebooks for everything, grocery lists, recipe notes, to-do lists, goals, Christmas lists, and cooking ideas. In fact, I'm pretty sure nearly every room in my house has one or two notebooks, sometimes tucked in a drawer but in my office they are all over the place.

I have notebooks for everything!!! I love notebooks (and they make them so pretty now)! I have a Moleskine that lives in my purse for restaurant reviews. I love the composition book type ones for recipe making and testing.

I love notebooks, too. I do have an app for my iPad, and I even have a funky soft tip pen so I can use my own writing on it (which is cool because I can add those to Evernote or email to myself), but paper notebooks and good pencils and pens rule. I have several from my meal planning, recipe organizing, and development years, I always keep one to the right of my keyboard which functions as a daily brain overflow and general doodle pad. Then there are my writing project notebooks, and ongoing writers notebook. I prefer Moleskine, but I will pick up anything that catches my eye and feels just right.

My husband always has a notebook in his shirt pocket and he uses it many times a day. Heck, I've even written a note or two in his notebooks myself. But I don't use them, and Not for lack of trying. I probably own 4 or 5 notebooks, Moleskine included, but I even though I start out with the best of intentions, I will write recipes on the backs of envelopes, scraps of paper, scratch paper, etc., instead, then gather them up and put them in a file folder marked "recipes". Maybe it's because I'm a lefty, who knows. I've just always found my handwriting to be too restricted by the confines of a notebook.
Great question, Lydia. I love reading the comments.

Most of my 'notes to self' are written on the backs of envelopes. This is the legacy of my depression-era father, who always had a supply in his shirt pocket, and a stack by the phone. 21st century upgrade allows me to use the return envelopes which are nice and clean! For saving, I use the back of checks from closed accounts!
For the food/recipe files, I have 3 notebooks for specific categories, including a few personally evolved recipes. I have been clipping recipes for many decades, and copying out recipes from online sources (links tend to lead to dead ends recently), and I am in the unfinishable process of setting up a categorized filing system so that I can find that wonderful thing I made last year/month/week.
The wonderful thing about using computer 'filing' is that tags help cross reference and there's a better chance of finding what I want. But I've gotten off the subject.

The gift of a very special notebook got me to start a 'book of feasts' - what we ate, where the recipe came from, such as 'what did we eat last Thanksgiving' - but of course I'm behind on that.
Yes to paper, yes to pens and pencils, nothing fancy. I think I like loose better than a rigid notebook - easier to shuffle.

Great topic choice. When I saw what it was I decided to count my cooking notebooks that I have saved over the years. 115. Guess you all know my stance on this! Seriously, there is something for me in writing in notebooks that sparks creativity. I just picked one of the older ones up and read the words "every side dish I can think of that I know how to make" and that has me revved up...

I use notebooks because a resolutions a few years back was to stop all the scraps of paper. I almost never send notes to myself via my electronic devices. I like musing on paper. Since cooking is such a hands-on creative process, jotting notes and ideas down about food are linked to me.

No to notebooks, yes to pads of paper, all different sizes. I was like this at work also, when I worked outside my home. I used pads of paper, everyone else used notebooks.

I write everything on loose leaf, put into a page protector, then in a large three ring binder. that way I can pull out the page I need and hang it from the neat little swivel recipe hanger next to the stove.

I love them and would be lost without them. I have so many filled with a lot of stuff!

No to notebooks. I make lists and print out recipes I like and put them in a folder.

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