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Microplane graters: like or dislike?

Microplane graters, the perfect stocking stuffer for the cook in your life.

Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, even favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

Are you a Microplane fan? I have six -- yes, six -- Microplane graters. Some are rasp-shaped, like the ones in the photo; others are more paddle-like. I can't even remember how I grated anything before these clever kitchen tools came along. There's a small-holed one for zesting lemons or grating whole nutmeg. For grating parmesan cheese, I use the larger-holed model. Shredded carrots? Yes. Potatoes? Of course. Chocolate? You bet! Microplanes make perfect stocking stuffers, and now they come in many colors. I'm sure my dad had something like this, without the fancy handles, in his workshop, but I never thought to use it in my kitchen. I feel slightly disloyal to my old box grater, but I'm a Microplane girl now.

Microplane graters: like or dislike?

Last week: chocolate. Like, love, adore, and even a few who can take it or leave it. I don't understand that at all. My nephew left a comment on Facebook: "Isn't that like saying Oxygen: Like or Dislike?" I had to agree with him.

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Love them! I am a kitchen gadget junkie, have drawers, baskets, even decorative boxes of gadgets and could live without many of them. But. I really don't know if i could go without my microplanes! I have three of varying hole sizes, but want to add a fourth, a ribbon grater, to the collection. Yes, i know that may be materialistic, lol, but since food is a visual experience as well nourishment, ribbons of cheese, veggies, citrus peels, etc., would just look so pretty and hopefully heighten the enjoyment of the meal ;0)

I have one and love it. I still use the box grater as well. Not much more to say than already eloquently stated. ;)

Absolutely love them! And I had to go and count, but I only have four!

Have had 3 for several years and absolutly love them.

I too can't wait to use them. But alas, I only have 2. I do still also use the box grater because sometimes I actually find that the grating from the microplane is too fine. Perhaps I "need" one that has coarser grate? Guess it is time to go shopping!

I have (only) one, far left in the photo. I love it for zesting, grating Parm/ginger/nutmeg, and more. I read instructions to grate garlic cloves, but I can't imagine the pain in store - press or mince. Carrots, potatoes, cukes, cheddar -- my ancient, trusty (and slightly rusty) box grater. It has been on my mind to expand the array just when another part of my brain is saying less, not more. Which will win? Conclusion: There was a reason I rarely used any side of the box grater but the coarsest; the microplane is perfect for the uses I like it for.

I have one medium, paddle shaped one, which I don't use too often, but would hate to be without. It's mostly used for zesting citrus and grating chocolate and Parmesan cheese.

Can not be without them!

love them sadly to say i dont own one but i want them all

I only have one and I love it! Now, I feel like I really must get more!

I love microplanes and have 5 of them but I use each one depending on the recipe, what I have to grate and texture of end product. I also have 4 box graters with varying size holes plus I have every optional cutting/grating/shredding disk (9 total) Cuisinart makes for their food processor. I have 2 Japanese oroshigane; 1 sharkskin for grating wasabi and 1 tin plated copper for grating dakon radish, mountain potato and wasabi plus a Chinese ceramic grater for grating ginger. These complement 2 mandolines 1 Bron professional French stainless-steel with 6 micro cutters and 1 Benriner Japanese with 3 micro cutters.

I have two and love them!

When I first started using one, I thought I'd never chop garlic again! Boxgreater?--I finally got a microplane one, Notice that 'Miroplane' is made in USA!

Love, love, LOVE! I have two of the fine one (on the left), the ribbon one (in the middle) and a little tubular one for nutmeg.

The fine one is fantastic for a good hard parmesan -- you know, the $16-$20 a pound stuff that seems much to expensive to actually buy. Well, the microplane makes piles of fluffy grated cheese out of very little of the hard chunk. The expensive stuff goes MUCH further than the supermarket wedge.

I love them. I only have one that I use for grating hard cheeses and nutmeg. I also recently used it for grating ginger and that worked fabulously. I want to get the new cube one that just came out.

Years ago, I got a microplane grater that had changeable blades and I absolutely love it. One blade is a zesting cut and the other is a shredding cut.

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