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Chocolate: like or dislike?


Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, even favorite cooking gear. The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell.

There are chocolate people, and there are vanilla people. Everyone I know is one or the other. I am a chocolate person, through and through. I don't eat a lot of it, but when I have a craving for a chocolate bar, or hot chocolate, or chocolate frozen yogurt, nothing else will satisfy me. And let's not forget that chocolate is good for you, in many ways.

Chocolate: like or dislike?

Last week: cranberry sauce. Most people like it, preferring the whole berry sauce to the jellied canned sauce of my childhood. Some great ideas for fresh sauce and salsa, too.

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Like, actually love it. Dark chocolate is my favorite.

Chocolate or vanillaperson? Neither!
I am a caramel and/or peppermintperson through and through, I can take or leave chocolate and I loathe vanilla except as an extra flavourcomponent in baking say lemon/vanilla cakebatter.
Chocolate is nice, especially the dark stuff paired with peppermint.
Thankfully it takes all sorts...

Chocolate I love it! Hawaii is the only state in the U.S.A. that grows world class chocolate winning numerous international awards and ranked as the best “single estate” chocolate in the world. Chocolate is grown on 4 of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands with annual chocolate festivals. Chocolate has been incorporated into the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. Every year at the 4-day International Chocolate Show in New York City Hawaiian supplies of chocolate are sold out on the 1st day! In Hawaii Chocolate Plantations offer farm to bar tourist tours how chocolate is grown processed and made into finished goods with sample tastings.

Chocolate--a bite now and then, a piece of candy or a pastry but not a solid chunk of chocolate. Love to bake with chocolate, though. White is better.

Like it but only in very small amounts and it has to be worth eating, i.e., not waxy or weak!

I have one Dove dark chocolate Promise every day at lunch. Good for the heart, you know! Love it, high quality, only dark, not milk, dislike white. For eating out of hand in small portions. Baking? Mais oui.

Chocolate, the darker the better. Don't even get me started on why white chocolate isn't really chocolate. :)

My mother swears i was switched at birth because i'm not a chocolate fiend like her and the rest of my family LOL. I like it, but am more of a caramel or lemony type. Have to be in the mood to eat chocolate. Also, i like to use dark choc in dishes to add an interesting flavor layer. Dark choc is my preference when i do get into a choc mood ;0)

Dislike. Totally. Can't stand the stuff.

I'm kidding.

Do we even have to ask:) Love it. Loving dark chocolate as I get older.

Absolutely Adore! But only Dark, and unadulterated with anything except coffee.

Love chocolate, milk better than dark though I love both. But I also love vanilla -- the real stuff -- and have never understood why people say "plain vanilla." There's nothing plain about it.

I like chocolate, but I'm not one of those people who crave it and when it comes to desserts I would prefer lemon or caramel any time.

I love chocolate! Milk Chocolate, chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate with mint, chocolate chip cookies, german chocolate cake..and last but not least white chocolate. yummmy.fe

Adore. It is like eating magic.

I love chocolate! My latest favorite chocolate bar is from Walgreens, a drug store, under their Delish label. It comes from Germany and is a chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt. So good!

As I've gotten older, tho, I find myself loving lemon just as much as chocolate. I wasn't like this when I was younger, tho.

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