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Nutmeg: like or dislike?


Welcome to a little game called Like or Dislike, with ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, even favorite cooking gear. Do you like, dislike, love, crave, despise, wish for, use in your own kitchen? The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell!

Nutmeg finds its way into cookies and cakes, eggnog and mulled wine, lasagne and sausages and haggis (which I am sure you make all the time). Too much, and you really notice the taste way at the back of your mouth; too little, and you know something's missing, but can't exactly figure out what. A friend's Italian grandmother adds a pinch of nutmeg to all recipes with dark leafy greens. I always put a pinch in my applesauce, because that's what my own grandmother used to do (part of the cinnamon-nutmeg-cloves trinity). Is nutmeg just an old-fashioned spice for grandmas, or is it a fixture on your spice rack?

Nutmeg: like or dislike?

Last week: ketchup. Some like, some dislike, some make their own. Many find commercial ketchup too sweet. And one or two, like me, grew up using ketchup to disguise the taste of something they were commanded to eat (liver!) by well-intentioned moms.

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Nutmeg is my go to spice , try rubbing your turkey with it before roasting

Love nutmeg.... I use the nut form also. Better that way. Scones are yummy with a bit of nutmeg.
What is your favorite use for nutmeg?

I love it in tiny amounts. It adds sweetness and mystery.

Adore! Nutmeg, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Eggs, eggnog, lattes, pasta, stews, blackberry preserves, apples, porridge, bread pudding, ham. Plus, I love grating the whole nutmeg on my very old grater. And I keep the nutmeg in a wooden container in the shape of an apple.

Love my nutmeg. I use the nut form, and my handy grater....the one that looks like you borrowed it from your husband's tool box.

I use nutmeg in sweet and savory recipes, though I've never made a haggis. I'll eat it though--my grandma emigrated from Scotland when she was 17, so it's part of my cultural heritage.

Definitely only like it in nut form, fresh grated. I find anything else has no flavour. Use it with many savory dishes, greens, potatoes. Never heard of rubbing it on a Turkey! What is that like? Do you get a spice taste? I have a Turkey to cook sometime soon - do you use other things to rub on turkey at the same time? Very curious if you'd share, thanks!

Nutmeg is something I don't love but don't hate either. But I do like it on certain things if it's freshly grated nutmeg.

Nutmeg. Love it. Even if it's just to open the spice jar and take a sniff. It's wonderful. Although I haven't ventured far in using it beyond French toast (ho hum) and egg nog. Reading other posts I will try the turkey, preserves, eggs...etc....but not the haggis, sorry.

I love nutmeg! I use it in many sweet and savory dishes. It is freshly grated most of the time.

I almost-love nutmeg, but really don't have a handle on it. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Love it on certain things -- eggnog, of course, and French Toast. But to my shame, since I consider myself a good cook, I don't grate it. I'm always afraid I'll grate the ends of my fingers! I guess i need the proper grater.

I love nutmeg!I use it every chance I get. Most usually if a recipe calls for cinnamon, I'm going to throw some nutmeg in too!

I like nutmeg in bechamel and cream sauces. Did you know nutmeg was often banned from prison kitchens due to the small amount of hallucinatory chemicals it contains? I don't know about that, but a small pinch in spinach souffle or mac and cheese is all I need!

Love it! My mom always grated hers from whole seeds, so the smell is nostalgic for me, and takes me right back to her kitchen.
As you said, Lydia, too much or too little is the tricky part.

Love nutmeg, in both sweet and savory dishes and sauces. Love it on whitefish filets with grated ginger and lemon zest. I have a 30+ year old nutmeg grater with a little compartment at the top big enough for one nutmeg nut.

Definitely like nutmeg.

Love nutmeg. I have the whole nutmegs and a grater close at hand. Nothing like lots of nutmeg in a spinach "blender souffle." A recipe passed down from my great grandmother for Spargel Ragout (Asparagus Stew) calls for lots of it -- for that and for many baked goods, I used the bottled ground but it really tastes different from the freshly ground.

LOVE nutmeg, I always grate mine just when I'm ready to use it. I put it in egg custards....yummy and a pinch with ketchup, mustard, brown sugar for my meatloaf topping and add a sprinkle to the sauce in meatballs. It just adds a nice touch.

Love fresh grated nutmeg. What's funny is, I use it more in cooking savory dishes than sweet things ;0). I use it in sauces, greens, meatloaves & meatballs, homemade season salt/seasonings/rubs....it's a versatile spice that can add "umami," making a dish memorable ;0)

Love it. I always use fresh grated.

Definitely love it but only if it's freshly grated. Essential in pumpkin pie. And I don't particularly care for more than a small amount of cinnamon.

I've gotten to hate nutmeg, since living in Belgium. They put it in every meat dish, and it's already mixed into ground chicken, ground pork or mixed ground meats when you buy them. You try making a proper chili or spaghetti when your meat all tastes of nothing but nutmeg. Yesterday I had my first turkey burger since living here, but I didn't know it was a turkey burger until someone told me, because it tasted exactly like all the other prepared burgers I've had here... that is... it tasted like nutmeg.
Growing up in the states, nutmeg was something I saw used in sweets only, so finding it so pervasive in all areas of cuisine here is really turning me off from the stuff.

Guess I am the lone dissenter. I cannot stand nutmeg is savory dishes at all. If I taste it in a bechamel sauce, the dish is ruined for me. I do not mind it in the trinity of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves though.

I just paid good money for crab bisque that my friend raves about. It’s going in the garbage. Nutmeg.

Though I'm generally not a picky eater, nutmeg is not a flavor I've ever liked. I love cinnamon, though. I would always beg my grandmother to only use cinnamon in her bread and rice puddings. I much prefer apple sauce and pie with only cinnamon. I have very reluctantly used a small amount of nutmeg in spaetzle, only because without it they are a bit too plain. When I have included nutmeg with cinnamon, I generally use half the amount and increase the cinnamon.

When I do want a little extra sweet spice beyond cinnamon, I may also use a very small amount of ground clove and allspice instead of nutmeg. That's especially good in carrot cake. I really like allspice and use that in cooking, too. Not just baking. I like clove, but most people know too much is overwhelming.

I found this post by googling "I hate nutmeg." That is my answer. And I'm not a picky eater at all. There is something about it that just really turns me off big time. I have given it numerous chances in my life in all kinds of things from bread pudding to pies to cakes to spaetzle and other sweet and non sweet dishes. I'm much happier without it. I do adore cinnamon, and in some recipes that call for nutmeg I use allspice, which I also like a lot.

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