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40 fabulous recipes with Sriracha sauce

40 fabulous recipes, from apps to dessert.

When you peek inside my refrigerator, you'll always find, lined up in the door, Fresca and fizzy water, ketchup, mustards, mayonnaise, soy sauce, chili paste with garlic (spicy), Thai curry pastes (spicy), and a very large squeeze bottle of Sriracha (spicy). Do you detect a theme? Yes, I love spicy food, but sometimes adding just a drop or two of hot sauce can bring a so-so dish to life without also numbing your tongue. Like salt, a little bit of heat enhances the flavors around it. A lot of heat is just, well, hot. How much Sriracha you add is always up to you. Though it sounds hard-to-find, you can buy Sriracha in any grocery store's Asian foods aisle. Here are some of my favorite recipes with Sriracha, made by some favorite food bloggers. And, at the end, there are brownies.

Sriracha deviled eggs, from The Perfect Pantry.


Sriracha deviled eggs, from The Perfect Pantry
Lentil and goat cheese stuffed baby potatoes, from The Perfect Pantry
Asian turkey and cabbage empanadas, from The Perfect Pantry
Lemongrass and Sriracha grilled shrimp, from Rasa Malaysia
Sriracha guacamole, from Damn Delicious
Roasted shrimp cocktail with spicy Sriracha cocktail sauce, from Sarah's Cucina Bella
Spicy maple bacon wrapped shrimp, from Inspired Taste
Sriracha Buffalo chicken dip, from Chew Out Loud
Sriracha ranch dip, from Life's Ambrosia

Slow cooker honey Sriracha beef stew, from The Perfect Pantry.

Main dishes

Slow cooker honey Sriracha beef stew, from The Perfect Pantry
Miso-Sriracha glazed salmon, from The Perfect Pantry
Grilled tikka masala style chicken, from The Perfect Pantry
Shrimp and bell pepper stir-fry with Asian cilantro, from The Perfect Pantry
Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), from The Perfect Pantry
Spicy Sriracha chicken and quinoa bowl, from Family Fresh Cooking
Spicy vegan peanut butter tofu with Sriracha, from Kalyn's Kitchen
Hot dogs with Sriracha and Asian slaw, from Simply Recipes
Sriracha roast chicken with Sriracha gravy, from White on Rice Couple
Quick Sriracha beef lettuce wraps, from Kalyn's Kitchen
Turkey or beef chili with Sriracha (slow cooker), from Chew Out Loud
Beer-braised chicken with Sriracha, from Appetite for China
Sriracha mac and cheese, from Shutterbean

Roasted asparagus with Sriracha drizzle, from The Perfect Pantry.


Roasted asparagus with Sriracha drizzle, from The Perfect Pantry
Double broccoli salad with almonds and Sriracha yogurt dressing, from The Perfect Pantry
Quick and easy Asian pickled cole slaw, from The Perfect Pantry
Steamed baby bok choy with hoisin glaze, from The Perfect Pantry
Sriracha orange glazed green beans, from Simply Recipes
Roasted cabbage with lime and Sriracha, from Kalyn's Kitchen
Sriracha roasted cauliflower, from White on Rice Couple
Sriracha and banana pepper potato salad, from The Food in My Beard
Sriracha-pickled eggplant and summer squash, from Local Kitchen
Sriracha-glazed roasted baby carrots, from Broke Ass Gourmet
Honey Sriracha roasted Brussels sprouts, from Shared Appetite
Mushroom Sriracha stir-fry, from eCurry

Double broccoli salad with almonds and Sriracha yogurt dressing.


Sriracha peach crisp, from Budget Bytes
Sriracha caramel corn, from Damn Delicious
Chocolate brownie cookies with Sriracha ganache, from The Messy Baker
Sriracha ranch popcorn, from The Curvy Carrot
Peanut butter Sriracha cookies, from Foodista
Zingy Sriracha brownies, from Cupcake Project

So many great ideas -- you'll want to buy the large bottle of Sriracha to make them all!

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You've reminded me of some favorites, particularly your Nasi Goreng. That's so indulgent tasting.
Now, dessert? That's a shock! I haven't run into any before. Try some? Maybe...

What a nice list! There are many great recipes. I'll try some new this week. Thank you for sharing.

It's so funny how Sriracha is everywhere now - from restaurants to college cafeterias. I love it and lately have been buying a brand from the Asian grocery store that I love that's free of preservatives. The flavor is a little different from the one most people associate with Sriracha, but I like it even better.

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