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Store-bought pie crust: like or dislike?

Store-bought pie crust.

Welcome to Like or Dislike, where you get to share how you really feel about ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I'm thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, even favorite cooking gear. Do you like, dislike, love, crave, despise, wish for, use in your own kitchen? The things you like are sure to find their way to the recipes here on The Perfect Pantry, so do tell!

Of all the ways the world divides, add this to the list: people who always make pie crust from scratch, and people who wouldn't dream of doing that. I'm firmly in the store-bought pie crust camp, though I did make crust from scratch once or twice, just to try it. I keep a box or two of store-bought crust in the refrigerator, and use it to make the one fruit pie in my repertoire: apple pie, with local Macouns and Granny Smiths. I make darned good quiche, too. Once I attempted a rolled stuffed pizza thing, but it oozed all over the baking sheet. I didn't blame the crust for that.

Store-bought pie crust: like or dislike?

Last week: Mayonnaise. And Miracle Whip, a childhood pleasure for me which still seems to have its devotees. You love mayo, you hate mayo, you have brand loyalty (as do I). And a few of you make mayonnaise from scratch. Tuna salad for everyone, and thanks for playing Like or Dislike.

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Love it! Pie crust was something I was never able to master. I know, I know, practice makes perfect. But store brought makes all that completely unnecessary.

Not a pie maker here, but I Dislike.....while easy, I equate this to cookies....much better made from scratch.

P.S. I do cheat with pizza dough, though

I take the middle path. For planned occasions (Thanksgiving etc.) I love making my own pie crust. For a last minute quiche, store bought frozen crusts are just fine. I always keep a couple in the freezer. I don't like the crust that comes rolled in a cardboard box; have had much better luck with the one in the foil pie pans. And I always read the ingredient list to make sure it is short.

Store bought crusts are decent. It is all how they are baked. I have home made crusts which are awful, too. Just because something is homemade does not guarantee better! Store bought is convenient, also. so in my house it wins!!

Getting older and the hands cramp a bit, while preparing a home made crust; so am happy there
is an alternative, giving store-bought crust a LIKE.

I prefer home made, which I can do after years of failed attempts. I finally found one that works for me and keep those proportions on hand. From the Fanny Farmer cookbook.

Ironically, my mom always made her own and it was delicious.

That being said, for convenience's sake, I am not adverse to using store-bought.

I buy my pie crust. It's one of my not-so-secret failings. I feel like there are just too many steps that need to be done right, and the final product cannot hang out easily if I wish to prepare early.
It's odd, I think, because making pizza crust is easy for me--the mixer does the work and the dough hangs out in a bag in the fridge or freezer until I'm ready to shape and bake.

LIKE. Not that I am a big pie maker anyway, but I've never had the desire or ability to make good pie crust from scratch.

Like, or rather positively adore. We rarely eat dessert (a choice) and don't eat pie except for quiche about twice a year and pumpkin at Thanksgiving. How would I ever master pastry making? Contrast to my mom who made at least one pie a week, often two, and a batch of tarts.

Dislike. Very much. Mostly because of the flavor. Since I make my pie dough with butter, (I think there's something inherently evil about shortening!), the flavor always seems "off" to me.

Never, never! I love baking, learned to make pie crust from my mother. Seemed so natural. Switched now from using shortening to butter (my husband refused to eat my pies if I used shortening!). Much harder to work with, but worth the effort.

I do not like store bought pie crust because of the texture. I know that pie crust can be difficult. It took me a couple years before I got my pie crust to a level at which I was satisfied with the nice flaky pastry texture. It started as a labor of love for my husband because pie was a favorite dessert made by his mom. If I bought a pie crust now, after 32 years of making them, my family would wonder what on earth is wrong with me. Of course, pie is not a weekly food at our house either. But it is worth the time spent for me when I hear the compliments of my family and friends!

attended a cooking/dine class, where the chef used a frozen crust for his lemon pie. He pointed out to look for the 'kosher' symbol on the wrapper--that the ingredients would be quality. I think that the fat in prepared items makes a huge difference in the taste-am I right?
I have a recipe for a crust, of flour, oatmeal, and coconut oil, rolled between wax paper--so easy to roll, so not messy for easier cleanup. Not a flaky crust but serves the purpose.

I have tried making pie crust from scratch on several occasions. Every time the crust came out awful. Tried Pillsbury pie crust from refrigerated section of grocery, and pies or whatever come out perfect every time! Store bought only.

LIKE. DEFINITELY LIKE. And it doesn't have to do with whether I can make a homemade one or not--sometimes I do. But most times, I am doing something last minute or just am lazy. The Pillsbury roll-up ones are my go-to store bought crust.

I prefer Pillsbury readymade pie crust which scores high on the America’s Test Kitchen rankings but I also like to make my own pie crust when I can find leaf lard.

I mastered scratch pie crust once and gave Jiffy box brand a try after which I decided that the local grocery store brands are the ones I've come to love and they love me.

I prefer to make my own. I have started making it in the food processor which makes it so easy! Just be careful not to process too much and not use too much water. I always use very cold butter, chopped in cubes and placed in the freezer for a few minutes and I use ice water.

I will use ready-made in a pinch, but not for a special occasion. My sister swears by the Pillsbury, but I think there is nothing like a homemade pie crust. Recently my sister's husband told me that my cherry pie was the best he had ever had! Ha ha, so much for Pillsbury, Barbara!

My mother makes beautiful crust, but I've never managed to make good crust, even using her recipe.

I'd love a good butter or oil-based crust recipe, but until I get one I can manage I'll be using Pillsbury rolled crust in the red box from the refrigerator section of the grocery store. Like!

We ran a bed and breakfast for 9 years and store bought pie crust was my Friend! During peak tourist season it was not unusual for me to make two quiches a day. Still use it when I make a pie.

I like both!

I think dislike? I don't use store bought crust, but then, I don't make crust, either. I only make one kind of pie, and I use a graham cracker crust for that- otherwise, I pretty much make a crisp or a cobbler (rarely) when I've got a hankering for something pie-like.

Dislike. My mother made pie crust from scratch always. Even "the best" store bought crust just doesn't measure up to home made

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