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Quick and easy chilled miso noodles with broccoli, bell pepper and peanuts {vegan}

Quick and easy miso noodles, for school night dinners.

In all ways, my husband Ted is a good sport. For the many years of our life here in the country, he has driven miles on Sunday mornings to fetch the New York Times, and then willingly handed over the crossword puzzle to me. He has faced down tenacious weeds, mound ants, garden snakes and an enormous runaway pot-belly pig from our neighbor's farm. Most heroic of all, Ted has tasted every recipe I've shared on this blog, plus more than a few that haven't made the grade. It's a tough job. When I first sampled these miso noodles, I knew I couldn't be trusted alone with them. I'm a bit of a noodle-holic (okay, more than a bit), and after I tasted to make sure the flavors were balanced, I kept on tasting. And then, I begged Ted to have some so I wouldn't finish the whole bowl myself. I needn't have begged; he happily polished off the remaining noodles in one morning. What better recommendation can I offer? If your family loves peanut or sesame noodles, they will love this recipe. With school back in session, you'll want to add these quick and easy miso noodles to your weekday repertoire.

Quick and easy chilled miso noodles. Hardly any cooking!

Quick and easy chilled miso noodles with broccoli, bell pepper and peanuts

From the pantry, you'll need: linguine or spaghetti, miso paste, reduced-sodium soy sauce, mirin, agave nectar, sesame oil, lime, fresh ginger root, peanuts.

Serves 4; can be multiplied.


8 oz dry linguine or spaghetti
2 Tbsp miso paste
1 Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 Tbsp mirin
2 tsp agave nectar
1 tsp sesame oil
Juice of 1/2 lime
1/8 tsp grated fresh ginger root
2 cups chopped broccoli florets
1 small red bell pepper, diced
2 Tbsp chopped peanuts (or cashews)


In a large pot, bring 6 quarts of water to boil. Add the pasta, and when the water returns to the boil, reduce the heat to low and cook for 6 minutes, or until the noodles taste cooked through but still have some texture. Drain, run under cool water to stop the cooking, and drain again.

While the noodles are cooking, whisk together in a large mixing bowl the miso, soy sauce, mirin, agave nectar, sesame oil, lime juice and ginger.

Add the cooked noodles to the miso sauce, and stir to combine while the noodles are still a bit warm.

Then, toss in the broccoli, bell pepper and chopped peanuts. Mix again.

Serve at room temperature, or refrigerate and serve chilled.

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Quick and easy chilled miso noodles. #vegan

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Yes indeed, I love the sound of this easy dish. I'm a fan of Garofalo whole wheat spaghetti (from Costco) and I think it would be perfect in this recipe.

Kalyn, whole wheat spaghetti would be delicious here.

I find there are several kinds of miso --different colours--whet kind did you use or would be acceptable for this recipe?

Sounds delicious! How about rice noodles - could they stand up to this? I love them in restaurants, but haven't found the secret to cooking them at home - they always come out mushy. Thanks, Lydia!

Shirley, I use miso that's labeled Mild (in English!), but it's called shirt miso, and it's the color of caramel. I think most any miso would be great here.

Judy, rice noodles would work, and yes, there's a trick to cooking them. Soak the noodles first in warm (not hot) water for at least 20 minutes, until they are pliable. Then drop into boiling water for just a minute to finish the cooking.

I want it now!

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