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Seven super recipes for grilled boneless chicken or turkey breasts {gluten-free}

Grilled tamarind chicken breasts, made with tamarind concentrate from the supermarket. #chicken #grilling

At a holiday barbecue, it's always good to offer a chicken option for your guests who don't eat red meat. Preparing chicken for the grill is so easy. In most cases, a marinade of a few hours (or overnight) is all that's needed, along with a vigilant eye at grilling time  -- and a willingness to poke the chicken with your finger -- to make sure it doesn't overcook. You can even grill most of these recipes ahead of time, which makes your life easier and leaves more room on the grill for those last-minute burgers or tofu hot dogs. Use frozen chicken breasts from your pantry, or buy a boneless, skinless turkey breast at the supermarket; then mix and match the marinades, as any of the ones for chicken will be just as good on turkey. Note: the marinades are naturally gluten-free when you use gluten-free condiments, such as tamari soy sauce. Now, get your grill on!

Nobody expects the tart, lemony flavors of this grilled tamarind chicken (top photo) at a barbecue, so this dish is sure to be a delicious surprise.

Grilled honey lime chicken; it's not just for Cinco de Mayo! #grilling #chicken

Limes are a little bit expensive right now, but it's worth the splurge on one single lime to make this grilled honey lime chicken for your barbecue.

Grilled tikka-masala style chicken: the taste of India right from your grill. #chicken #grilling

Bring the taste of India to your party, with this grilled tikka-masala style chicken. Serve it with some curried apple and pecan broccoli slaw on the side.

Chicken with mango barbecue sauce. #grilling #chicken

My husband Ted is a huge fan of anything mango, and he gave his stamp of approval to this chicken with mango barbecue sauce.

Grilled not-too-spicy jerk chicken. #grilling #chicken

There's more warmth (from cinnamon, allspice and cumin) than real heat in this grilled not-too-spicy Jamaican-inspired jerk chicken.

I've only recently begun grilling boneless, skinless turkey breasts, and I'm completely in love with this way of cooking turkey. I ask my butcher to butterfly the turkey breasts for me; then I marinate in a plastic bag or bowl, and when I'm ready to cook, I stick a few skewers through the center to hold the large piece of meat flat. The sliced turkey meat cooks quickly, will serve a lot of people, and, well... it makes a nice change from chicken.

Zanzibar tandoori grilled turkey breast. #grilling

Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, is famous for its spice farms, and the marinade for this Zanzibar tandoori grilled turkey breast combines many of those spices with yogurt and honey. Of course, you can use this marinade on chicken, too.


In true David Letterman fashion, I've saved the best for last: this grilled Asian turkey breast with soy, garlic and chili paste just might be the best thing I've ever cooked on my grill, with the spicy, garlicky, salty kick that brings this rather bland turkey breast to life. (Remember to use a gluten-free soy sauce if you are eating gluten-free.)

Serve these dishes with a selection of side salads, because you can never have too many sides. Then, slice and pack the leftovers to enjoy for sandwiches later in the week.

Seven super recipes for grilled chicken! #grilling #chicken

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What a great collection of summer goodness. I haven't tried grilling turkey breasts, but I will try that this summer!

Kalyn, I love grilling the turkey breast, because it will serve so many people, and it cooks in no time!

Awesome collection! You do that type of post like no one else!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, hope you get to relax, kick back, and enjoy each moment!

SallyBR, thanks so much. Enjoy the weekend!

I must, must, must remember to experiment with tamarind paste!

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