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The Perfect Pantry's favorite cookies (to help you get through tax day)

Favorite cookies (to help you finish your taxes)! #cookies

Chocolate, sugar, butter, and more chocolate. I don't know about you, but on the upcoming and incredibly stressful day when everyone in America has to file their annual income tax forms, I don't want to go it alone. I want a plate of cookies by my side. Bake some today, and you'll be ready for whatever April 15 brings.

Sweet and salty peanut chocolate chunk cookies. #cookies

Sweet and salty peanut chocolate chunk cookies are, without a doubt, my favorite cookie when I can't decide whether the mouth feel I crave is salty or gooey.

Chocolate Nutella nut cookies melt in your mouth! #cookies

These chocolate Nutella® nut cookies will melt in your mouth.

Crispy oatmeal cookies, perfect for ice cream sandwiches! #cookies

I love to make these crispy oatmeal cookies thin, and turn them into ice cream sandwiches.

Honey gingerbread cookies that Winne the Pooh would love! #cookies

I don't always reach for chocolate when I want a soothing cookie. Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger, too) would love these honey gingerbread cookies.

Lemon-currant jonnycake biscotti. #cookies

These lemon currant jonnycake biscotti were inspired by Rhode Island's own jonnycake meal, a stone-ground cornmeal.

Chocolate spice cookies, filled with warm spices and red wine! #cookies

These chocolate spice cookies have a touch of red wine inside!

Scotch shortbread. So buttery! #cookies

My mother-in-law, Gwendolen, often made these buttery Scotch shortbread cookies for my husband, and they're still a favorite.

Chewy granola cookies with raisins. #cookies

If I have a specialty, it has to be these granola cookies. I've been making them since my hippie college days, and they're still the ultimate comfort food.

What's your favorite cookie?

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I think Congress should officially establish April 15 as Cookie Day. We'd all be much happier!

TW, I love that idea. Let's start a campaign!

I could definitely use a few of these today when I'm finishing up taxes!

Kalyn, same here.

Cookies for tax day is a brilliant idea. I married into a tax-preparing family (shoot, I'd been dating my BF for only a couple of months when I called my future mother-in-law for tax advice) and I shudder to think what we'll do when she hangs up her shingle.
Definitely need cookies.

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