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The Pantry Quiz #68

The Pantry Quiz.

What's in a Name?

The name of this herb, made popular in a Simon and Garfunkel song, comes from a Latin word for sea dew.


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have this ingredient in your pantry.

[Last week's answer: Pomgranates/Turkey, kale/Denmark, lentils/Brazil, herring/Poland, roast pig/Cuba.]

You can find most answers to The Pantry Quiz by using the search box at right, at the top of the page, to hunt for clues. Come back next Saturday for the answer to today's quiz question.

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Rosemary. I have it in my pantry!



That's an easy one, my favorite, rosemary. I'm surprised yours is surviving in the snow. (Disclaimer: I worked on an herb farm for twelve years).

We don't have rosemary in the pantry, but it's out in the garden buried under the snow.

Rosemary, I have it in the pantry and I also have 3 plants. Love it!

Since it grows so abundantly here, I just go to my neighbor's front yard when I need some. :)

Just as everyone else says, it is rosemary. It is my absolute favorite of all herbs. I have several different plants of the upright and creeping varieties. I especially loved the creeping bariety along my garden paths; because every step brought hrasvenly aromas remeniscent of of our northern pine forrests.

I have it in my pantry, and also have some growing in the kitchen window!

Rosemary. I have a huge bush of it just outside my front door. Marvelous stuff.

Here in Albuquerque, my rosemary plants last all winter. I cut them back in the early spring. What a pleasure to have fresh rosemary year round!

Rosemary - I have it in my pantry and in my refrigerator. One of my favorite herbs!

Rosemary. I have it in my pantry, and right now I have a little rosemary "tree" that I got at Whole Foods (my middle son is allergic to evergreens).

I normally prefer to just go cut it as needed from my rosemary bush. It over winters nicely for me in a protected spot even when the weather is harsh. I have dried it before when the bush went into overdrive one summer and took over the herb bed.

Rosemary is best fresh I feel but I do use it dried as well.

Rosemary is not in my pantry. I do not like it.

me too! I grow it!

I've got rosemary under snow, too! I can't believe herring pairs with Poland. Shocking!

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