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The Perfect Pantry's favorite egg dishes for New Year's Day brunch

The Perfect Pantry's favorite egg dishes for brunch.

Quick -- run to the store, right now, today, and grab some eggs. You've got plenty of time to plan a great brunch to start the new year, but for that, you really must have eggs. While you're at the market, add some bread, any green vegetable, and a bit of your favorite cheese to your grocery cart. I love to make a fuss over breakfast or brunch, on holidays or on the weekends, yet most of my favorite egg dishes are a snap to make, and not at all fussy. Combine eggs with whatever you find in your pantry, and you can start the year with a brunch to remember. Eggs are key!

Bacon and egg tartine (The Perfect Pantry).

Bacon and egg tartines look fancy, but they're really just eggs and bacon on grilled toast. You can make the hard-boiled eggs ahead of time, and the bread-and-bacon base takes just minutes to prepare. (If you received a panini press for the holidays, now's the time to use it.) Top the bacon with something leafy and green, tossed with your favorite salad dressing.

Broccoli, mushroom, egg and cheese breakfast casserole (The Perfect Pantry).

This broccoli, mushroom, egg and cheese breakfast casserole comes together in five minutes, bakes for 35 minutes, and tastes best after it's been able to sit for a few minutes more. In other words, it's so much easier than a souffle in every possible way. Egg casseroles are easy, and they will feed a crowd.

More egg and cheese casserole ideas:
Kale, mushroom and caramelized onion breakfast casserole
Egg casserole with leeks, red bell pepper and goat cheese
Corn, green chile, egg and cheese breakfast casserole

Cinnamon and vanilla challah French toast (The Perfect Pantry).

Combine eggs with something like bread, and slather with butter and pure maple syrup, and you're as close to my husband Ted's version of heaven as you're likely to get. This cinnamon and vanilla challah French toast, made with eggy bread soaked in beaten eggs, is irresistible.

More bread-ish reasons to have maple syrup for brunch:
My dad's famous matzoh brei
Pumpkin banana waffles

Kale and feta quiche (The Perfect Pantry).

Everything looks better in a wrap, and so it is with quiche, a perennial crowd-pleaser you can make ahead and reheat gently in the morning. This kale and feta quiche begins with store-bought crust, and the filling is quick, easy, and chock full of dark leafy greens (for those eat-healthy new year's resolutions). You can substitute spinach for the kale, if that's what you have on hand.

More quiche possibilities:
Asparagus, mushroom and sausage quiche
One-bite vegetable quiche
Zucchini, bacon and feta quiche

Black bean, green chile and tomato frittata (The Perfect Pantry).

Frittatas are similar to egg casseroles, except the cooking method begins on the stove-top, and finishes under the broiler. For a Mexican-inspired New Year's morning, try this black bean, green chile and tomato frittata -- an Italian dish with Southwest flair. Like all frittatas, it tastes best at room temperature.

More frittata variations for a holiday brunch:
Zucchini, goat cheese and basil frittata
Herb and ricotta frittata for two


If you are superstitious, I do not want you to make this lobster, corn and basil quiche, though it is my absolute favorite party-worthy egg dish. Many believe it's bad luck to serve lobster at the new year, because lobster walks backwards, and "backwards" -- lack of progress? failure? -- is a bad omen. I believe that a year that begins with lobster can only mean more special treats ahead, so I'd take a chance on this indulgent quiche. Substitute shrimp if you're nervous.

Happy, eggy, New Year to all!

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Oh I soooo want French toast now! But none of these are breakfast to us... they are all a great lunch or dinner! I love the bacon and egg tartine and the casserole. Mmmm great ideas for my next week's menu!

Happy Happy New Year, Dear Lydia and here is to finally meeting you face to face and sharing a few meals with you in 2014 xoxo

Jamie, most of these have also been lunch and dinner for us, too. Or multiple breakfasts. I wish you and your family a 2014 filled with wonderful adventures -- and a meal together with you will be my resolution.

What a wonderful roundup, Lydia! And they're either gluten free or easily made gluten free--love that!

I had not heard the superstition about eating lobster. I'm pretty sure that the years we enjoyed it on New Year's, we did not suffer any harm. ;-)

Hoping for a delicious and lucky start to 2014 for you and all!


Shirley, I'm willing to take a chance on lobster, too! Happy new year to you.

They all look delicious, but if I could only have one it would have to be the bacon and egg tartine!

Kalyn, I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite. Maybe the oh-so-indulgent lobster quiche.

All great ideas! I bookmarked the breakfast casserole. Looks amazing! I can't wait to try it. :)

Sarah, any of the breakfast casserole variations (and there are more on the blog) would be a great way to start the year. Enjoy!

Who needs fussy for the first day of the New Year? All of these look delicious, and I would be willing to risk a run of bad luck to try the Lobster, Corn and Basil Quiche! Happy New Year, Lydia!

Yum! I will take a serving of each of them!
Happy New Year and as always thank you for the great recipes, information and general inspiration you serve up so wonderfully!

Loving all these ideas for New Year's brunch Lydia - not sure which one I'd try first they all look so good!

TW, I'm with you. Take a chance on lobster!

Carol, wouldn't it be fun to have a big brunch buffet with lots of these recipes?

Jeanette, I change my favorite every day, so I couldn't choose just one.

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