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Recipe for steak salad with Green Goddess dressing

Steak salad with Green Goddess dressing, from The Perfect Pantry.

My husband Ted loves to shop for the holidays at the very last minute, plunging headlong into the crowds and the traffic, relishing the long lines in every store. I don't understand it, but I accept that he approaches with glee that which, to me, is pure agony. Last-minute shopping -- on top of holiday parties, concerts, The Nutcracker and other seasonal delights -- does make these final few days of the month a wee bit crazy, so one of my strategies is to keep it simple, and flexible, in the kitchen. All of the components of this old-fashioned steak salad with Green Goddess dressing (which I made for the world's very best BLT sandwich) can be prepped way ahead. So, no matter how long the lines or how slow the traffic, I can have this beautiful main dish salad on the table in just a few minutes.

Quick and easy steak salad (The Perfect Pantry).

Steak salad with Green Goddess dressing

From the pantry, you'll need: anchovy paste, garlic, mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon.

Serves 4-6.


For the dressing:
2 tsp anchovy paste
2 small cloves garlic, chopped
3/4 cup mayonnaise
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley
3 scallions, white and green parts, roughly chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp fresh black pepper

For the salad:
8 oz flank steak or skirt steak
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
8 cups shredded romaine lettuce


In a blender, combine all of the dressing ingredients, and blend until smooth. (You can do this several days in advance; store dressing in the refrigerator in a container with an airtight lid.)

Season the steak with salt and pepper, and grill or broil until medium rare. Set aside for 15 minutes, then slice thinly across the grain.

In a mixing bowl, combine the bell pepper and lettuce. Add a few tablespoons of the dressing, and toss well. Transfer the vegetables to a serving plate.

Top the greens with slices of steak, and drizzle on additional dressing, as much or as little as you like.

Serve at room temperature.

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I'm crazy about this dressing, and I'd love this for a healthy dinner!

Kalyn, I love this dressing. On everything.

Oh! How delicious-sounding! Happy, Happy Holidays!

Paz, thanks so much!

As you know, Lydia, I have more of your recipes in my collection than anyone else's, but the narratives are just as appealing. The combination keep me coming back. I just love these little stories. They sing.

Thank you for all you've given me this past year. I am so happy to have met you on the internet...and in person.

Best wishes during this happy holiday season.

Connie, I've had the great fortune to meet in real life a couple of my most faithful blog readers over the past few months. I'm so glad we've met in person, and because we live so close to each other, I know our paths will cross again.

This dressing looks beautiful--and a terrific use for the remainder of the anchovies after I've opened a can and had my fill on pizza.

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