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How to use maple syrup (and five favorite recipes)

How to use maple syrup.

A recent visit to my husband Ted's home town of Montreal, Quebec, reminded me how much Ted loves maple syrup in all forms (cookies, candies, and straight from the jug). In the house where I grew up, maple syrup was an occasional treat; we were allowed to drizzle it on pancakes or waffles (always frozen, never homemade), and that's it. Ted takes a broader view, coating everything from matzoh brei to ice cream with maple syrup. I consider it a pantry ingredient, one I love to use in savory dishes in place of sugar or honey. Here in Rhode Island, we have a couple of friends who tap their own trees every Spring, and boil the sap to make syrup. It's a labor of love, as it takes forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Store maple syrup unopened for up to a year in the pantry. Once you've opened it, refrigerate for up to a year. If it gets clumpy at the bottom, reheat the syrup briefly in the microwave.

Of the many recipes I've shared here that use maple syrup, these five are my favorites:

Bacon jam and cheese panini.

My first experiment with bacon jam, made in the slow cooker, disappeared rather quickly. I made the mistake of making a second batch before I realized we had absolutely no self control around the sweet-salty condiment that tastes just as good on the end of a spoon as it does in these bacon jam and cheese panini sandwiches.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli with maple mustard vinaigrette.

Adding maple syrup to the dressing for these Brussels and broccoli with maple mustard vinaigrette guarantees everyone will eat their sprouts.

Maple walnut waffles.

What's better than maple syrup on waffles? Maple syrup in waffles! These maple walnut waffles have it all, and will satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths.

Raw beet, butternut and pecan slaw.

I love the combination of crunchy vegetables and vibrant colors in this raw beet, butternut and pecan slaw, which is sure to make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table this year.

Maple nut bread with cranberries.

My friend Sarah shared this recipe for a not-too-sweet maple nut bread. She adapted the original recipe, from her home state of Michigan, with lovely New England cranberries.

What's your favorite way to use maple syrup?

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Oooh, now I want maple syrup! I only recently tried Bacon Jam and was simply amazed at the flavor. Your recipe looks great, Lydia! In fact, all of these recipe look terrific. I especially love those yummy Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli and that colorful slaw. :-)


Shirley, maple syrup made it possible for me to like Brussels sprouts, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

Perfect time to stop by for your receipt suggestions. I just received a quart of maple syrup from a friend in Canada. She wanted me to see how it compared to our New Hampshire syrup.

Karen, let us know the result. It sounds like a pretty "sweet" experiment!

When I flew in for a wedding in Ontario a few weekends ago the first thing I wanted to do was head to Mennonite country to buy syrup from their farms. Now I better get cracking with 2 litres of liquid gold.

Love all these ideas. And how did I miss the sandwiches with bacon jam. Seriously tempting!

Bellini, I hope these recipes give you some new ideas. How wonderful to have fresh maple syrup!

Kalyn, those bacon jam sandwiches really have something for everyone. Everyone except people on a diet (like me, always), but for an occasional treat, not to be beat!

Every single one of these looks amazing. LOVE maple syrup!

Donna, I must admit -- maple syrup is one of the very best things about living in New England!

love more vegan recipes and slowcooker vegan recipes. I am from Canada and maple syrup is great !

I just got a new jug of syrup from the farmer's market and I'm set for the next round of waffles. With the sourdough starter going it's easy to have waffles once a weekend.
I've got a pizza recipe coming up using maple syrup, pumpkin, and black beans as the topping, but I'm excited to try that colorful beet & butternut, it's so pretty.

bacon. jam. oh my! and how did I miss this the first time around. You should bottle that and sell it!

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