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The Pantry Quiz #42


Do you know?

Three of these things belong together,
Three of these things are kind of the same.
Can you guess which peppercorn is not a pepper,
Even though it has the same name?

Brought to you by the colors black, white, pink, and green. Thanks, Sesame Street! 


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have this ingredient in your pantry.

[Last week's answer: Coconut water is the "milky" liquid found when you cut open a coconut, and therefore is the least processed coconut-derived product.]

You can find most answers to The Pantry Quiz by using the search box at right, at the top of the page, to hunt for clues. Come back next Saturday for the answer to today's quiz question.

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Morning world, All are true peppercorns from what I could research. The pink corn does fall into the quiz test because it does have more questionable properties than the other simpler colored peppercorns. Denise

Since you're hiding what the back one is, I'm guessing that's the one that's not a real peppercorn. Is it Szechuan Peppercorns?

The pink peppercorns are from a plant that has only been cultivated for the last 30+ years. The berry is not actually a peppercorn, but is called that because of the shape, size and flavor, according to Penzey's Spice Co. They say it is a good choice when fixing poultry of any kind.

Pink is out. Green is unripe, black is ripe and dry, white is black minus the outer layer. (Now I'm going to check. I love these open book tests!)

Actually, you could say that white is a riper shade of black (the berry turns red, and the coat is removed -- it's white inside). They're all piper nigrum.
And those 'gourmet peppercorn' blends are our standard here.

going to take my advice from the crowd above!

I think it's the pink peppercorns. As I recall, they are actually from a different plant. Of course, I could be wrong - I like winging the answer without looking it up!

p.s. forgot to say that I have the same black peppercorns shown in the picture (I am lucky enough to live 25 minutes from one of the two Penzeys in Pennsylvania!). I also have ground white pepper, and Szechuan peppercorns (not sure where they fit in to this).

Pink, as I know the others are "true" peppercorns. I don't have any in my pantry.

Pink is out - the pink peppercorn is the dried berry of the shrub Schinus Molle (Peruvian peppertree), or sometimes the related species Schinus Terebinthifolius (Brazilian pepper). True peppercorns are the dried fruit of a plant of the genus Piper, but pink peppercorns are so named because they too have a peppery flavour (also due to their shape and size). Isn't Wikipedia wonderful?

Pink Pepper Corns are not real pepper.

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