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The Pantry Quiz #31

Chile peppers.

How hot is it?

A recent burst of Spring cleaning in The Perfect Pantry unearthed a large number of chile peppers (along with lots of other interesting ingredients I'd forgotten I had), including some of the peppers listed below. Rank the following in order of heat, from mildest to hottest.

1. Cayenne
2. Anaheim
3. Jalapeño
4. Scotch bonnet
5. Trinidad scorpion
6. Thai bird's eye
7. Habañero


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have chile peppers in your pantry.

[Last week's answer: Though ketchup originated in China, the word ketchup comes from the Malay word kechap. Thanks for some very interesting and thoughtful answers.]

You can find most answers to The Pantry Quiz by using the search box at right, at the top of the page, to hunt for clues. Come back next Saturday for the answer to today's quiz question.

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Mild to hottest....
Thai Bird's Eye
Scotch Bonnet
Trinidad Scorpion

We have used all but the Trinidad Scorpion on this list. The Scotch Bonnet's raised welts on my lips, so I can't imagine the Trinidad. Yikes!

Wow, this might be the toughest one yet. I would have guessed that Scotch Bonnet was the hottest, but then you threw in a few I'd never heard of.

It looks like Habenaro to me. I don' t have chilli peppers in my pantry.
This is one thing that this Northern girl hasn't acquired a taste for. :)

I also thought #4 was the hottest but now I think it may be #5 or #6 both of which I have never heard of but sound scary!

2,6,3,4,1,5,7 I have cayenne in my pantry.

My question is, have you used them all? And: Would a thin slice of 'hottest' be tolerable to an 'in the middle' chile lover?

Susan, without giving away the answer, I'll tell you that I have tried 6 of the 7. I would not recommend the hottest several on this list to an "in the middle" chile lover -- except as objects of art, perhaps!

To my palate, it doesn't really pay to rank them other than "they are all pretty darn hot" in my book!
Nice photo, Lydia.

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