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The Pantry Quiz #3


Multiple choice

Can you bake a cake without eggs? Yes. In fact, only one of these cakes from The Perfect Pantry contains eggs. Which one is it?

1. Chocolate cake in a mug
2. Wacky cake
3. Apple spice cake
4. Chocolate dump cake

Extra credit question: what is the role of eggs (yolks and whites) in baking?


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have eggs in your pantry.

[Last week's answer: Honey never spoils. It might crystallize, but it can be revived.]

You can find most answers to The Pantry Quiz by using the search box at right, at the top of the page, to hunt for clues. Come back next Saturday for the answer to today's quiz question.

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You can replace eggs in cake recipes. We use Ener-G egg replacer at times when doing vegan recipes. Some people use blended silken tofu or flax seed.

Recipe with eggs is #3.

We have 2 dozen eggs in the refrigerator right now.

The egg provides binding and aeration in baking.

The apple spice cake has eggs in it.

Eggs act as binding, leavening and volumizing agents.

I have 2.5 dozen eggs in my fridge right now.

I don't believe I guessed wrong all the way. Now, I would experiment if I liked chocolate but I'll just accept your results.

The Apple Spice cake calls for eggs, which serve multiple purposes in baking...leavening, binding, richness, color, texture, thickening, browning and shine, when used as a glaze, and probably a few more that I can't remember.
We currently have 16 eggs in the house, but not in the pantry. ; >

I always have eggs around. I believe that eggs provide structure and the yolks provide moisture :-)

Well I guessed this one wrong!! I usually have at least 3 dozen eggs in my fridge.

Another fact about eggs that many people may not know is that they don't really *have* to be refrigerated. When I was catering the houseboat trips and fridge space was so limited, we stored them on a shelf in the pantry!

I love that Wacky cake recipe

The chocolate cake and eggs help hold things together.

I cheated and read everyone's answers.

I say the apple spice cake, even though I might be wrong.

I just bought a dozen organic eggs at the farm market; I was down. But generally I have anywhere from 6-10 eggs on hand at any given time.

Ah, the incredible, edible egg!

We use eggs all the time. Sometimes we buy 30 per week!

Ahhh - I have a little friend who is allergic to eggs and every year for her birthday her aunt (who is very good baker) makes her an egg-free birthday cake and that cake is SO much better with out the egg!! I think she uses apple sauce as a replacement for the egg and the moisture it provides. A substitute for the "leavening" that maybe egg gives... I don't know.
but I would eat all of those cakes, now, together!

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