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What comes after Z?


Zahtar. And with that, twenty-six weeks of The Pantry Alphabet comes to an end.

You didn't think I'd leave you with nothing to do on Saturday mornings, did you? Before you head off to the gym, the library or the farmers market, check in with The Perfect Pantry next Saturday, and every Saturday, for The Pantry Quiz.

Multiple choice? True or false? Photo ID? Short essay? (Twitter-sized.)

Yes! The Pantry Quiz promises fun, fun, fun every Saturday morning, with one question each week, some clues to help you figure out the answer, and the same unpredictability you enjoyed as we guessed our way through the alphabet.

Yes, there will be wacky photography.

Yes, there will be ingredients from the pantry.

And yes, I'd love to share YOUR quiz questions. If you'd like to pose questions for The Pantry Quiz, based on any of the more than 250 pantry ingredients featured from my pantry or ingredients you have in your own pantry, please email your ideas to me: lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.

See you next Saturday, and thanks for playing along.

Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


Ahh, I was wondering ... I'm intrigued. You have definitely taken The Perfect Pantry to a new level, namely culinary education. Thanks, Lydia!


Can hardly wait! Very cool idea!

Can't wait to see how this goes :-)

Lydia this sounds like fun! I love puzzles! Thank you. I really enjoy your posts.

Debbie M

I knew you wouldn't stop and I knew it would be clever. This is going to be fun!

I can't wait to see what you have in store (haha)!

very very curious indeed.

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