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The Pantry Quiz #1

Cocoa powder

True or false?

By law, Dutch cocoa powder must be made in The Netherlands. If it isn't, it can't be called Dutch.


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have this ingredient in your pantry.

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False....and not it in cabinet

False - Dutch is a process, not indication of country. At least that is what I'm going with!

False, Dutched cocoa is a process of lowering acidity, amongst other things, in cocoa powder, developed in the Netherlands, but not limited to being produced there.

False. But I do keep a stock from a lovely chocolatier from Amsterdam. Puccini Bomboni

False.... it has something to do with the process of preparation - but others have answered!

Not sure, but I believe one sees "Dutch process" indicated on various cocoas, not simply "Dutch." I think the EU has strict appellation rules and perhaps one can't call it "Dutch" unless it is from Holland. I don't currently have any in my cupboard but sure ought to.

False. Dutch process. We are getting smarter, Lydia. Thank you!

False. It's a process, not a country of provenance. I think it's what gives cocoa a darker brown, since if I remember correctly, most recipes for red velvet cake emphasize to use cocoa that is not dutch processed, which means that it will blend with red food coloring much more easily.

Truly I had no idea. But I am trusting those who say it's false. And I don't think I have any.

False! Dutching chocolate is a process.

I thought 'false,' so it's good to see that supported by better minds. Do I have it? Can I say, probably?

As others have commented it's a process
And yes I have it in two versions one imported one local ( but the local one is like a billion years old)


PS Love to see that you're using the plastic lids for caning jars too -- so much easier than rings/lids if you aren't actually canning.

PPS FUN new series!!

False. I claim to know this because I've heard it referred to as "dutched" chocolate, so I know it's a process.

I believe Dutch Chocolate must be made in the Netherlands, but I am not so sure about Dutch cocoa powder.

False.Dutch process is a technique used to
prepare cocoa for the market.

False. Yes, I do.

Great question, Lydia!

False - dutching is a process. I do have it in my pantry, as well as "regular" cocoa (which I believe is more acidic).

Chiming in late: false and yes. An intriguing start, Lydia!

Late too - but agree with the crowd and I don't think I have any -best for me to buy my baked goods from the pros!

We use Dutch process cocoa in our Marble Cake recipe sometimes.

False. Dutch cocoa is a process not a product of any particular region.
Yes, I have this in pantry.

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