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The Pantry Alphabet: V


What is it?

Do you have this ingredient in your pantry?

Which of these recipes from The Perfect Pantry contains today's ingredient?

1. Slow cooker chocolate and Nutella bread pudding
2. Maple cinnamon matzoh brei
3. Thai iced tea

When you guess which recipe contains the ingredient, please leave only the number 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below. Please don't leave the name of the ingredient, so others can have fun guessing, too. And let us know if you have this in your pantry.

(Spoiler alert: It's the fruit of an orchid.)

See you next Saturday, for the letter W.

Last week: urfa pepper (also called urfa biber).

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My answer is 3

#3, and I have some split and chopped soaking in rum right now.

Oh,oh,oh...I know this one it's 3! A staple in my kitchen.

#3 - I use Singing Dog organic.

#3 and I do.

#3 of course - but add vodka and time and you can use it in #1 and #2 as well.

This time the challenge was getting the recipe on the first try, since I could see it in any of them.
#3 on the first try. Have to make some today!

I do have this one and rarely use it. Need to get with the program.

I love this one, I am making some extract right now.

I'll say 3, but could be used in 1, 2. ; )

It's 3!

are there any other "V" spices? Is that a dumb question by me? (#3 :-)

I'm with Susan; I would use it in 1 as well as 3 and probably 2 and I am rarely without it in several forms.

3. Like Kalyn, I have it around but very rarely use it.

#3, the world's 2nd most expensive spice that is now being grown in the Bay of Plenty here in NZ, and is a very successful crop in the Kingdom of Tonga.

#3 and I'm soaking some in another V - vodka!

#3. I do use it, but do not have it in my pantry at present!

Doesn't think one come up in desserts a lot?

I believe, for the first time, I actually know this one!

3, but 1 and 2 also, as all the same thing.

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