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The Pantry Alphabet: R


What is it?

Do you have this ingredient in your pantry?

Which of these recipes from The Perfect Pantry contains today's ingredient?

1. Faux pho
2. Fresh Vietnamese salad rolls
3. Rice noodle salad with shrimp and scallions

When you guess which recipe contains the ingredient, please leave only the number 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below. Please don't leave the name of the ingredient, so others can have fun guessing, too. And let us know if you have this in your pantry.

(Spoiler alert: They're sun-dried, but not tomatoes.)

See you next Saturday, for the letter S.

Last week: quinoa.

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#2. Most definitely have them. Love them for cool summer cooking in a flash.

No.2. I always have some of these in my pantry so I recognised it straight away

2, fa sho.

#2 And I need to head to our local Asian market to pick up a package because those salad rolls look perfect for lunch today!

2 - a pantry staple!

#2 I have it but they are quartered... suggestions? and aren't they pretty!

#2 One of my favorite things in my pantry. My beautiful farmers market has them with black sesame seeds...yum.

2! One of my favorites!

#2 but I had to look. Not in my pantry but should be. On my shopping list today. Thanks, Lydia!

#2, definitely.

No doubt about it, #2! I soak mine in beer to soften.

#2. I don't have them at the moment, so thanks for reminding me to get some. Perfect for summer!

Oh, yes, #2 Always have them

I was completely stumped!

#2 I recognized the pattern right away. Really great for a cool Summer meal.

one of the joys of #2 is that you can stuff them with any non-gooey meat and/or salad/veg that you want to eat 'out of hand'. my most favorite ones of the moment are made with grilled salmon and salad greens (with herbs) with some thin slivers of cucumber and red bell pepper. the dipping sauce is sour cream or yogurt with spicy mustard. outrageous! i almost never use rice vermicelli in mine or bean sprouts, because i don't want to take up space in the roll or my tummy! thanks lydia!!

#2, one of my personal addictions...


#2, and I do have some in my pantry patiently waiting for me to use them this summer.

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