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The Perfect Pantry's 101 favorite asparagus recipes


Once upon a time, I had a friend named Mary who ate only the tips of asparagus. I've always been more of a stem gal, so we were the perfect dinner companions. I thought our friendship might last forever, but as things turned out, asparagus preferences weren't enough to keep us together. Just as well, actually, as I've come to love every bit of the asparagus, and now I'd be reluctant to behead all of my spears for the sake of friendship. The asparagus season here in New England lasts for only six or seven weeks, and whatever makes it to the farmer's market gets snapped up soon after the opening bell. When you bring home fresh-picked asparagus, I hope you'll try some of my own favorite recipes along with exciting ideas from other food blogs. Make sure to stock your pantry; you'll need lots of different pantry ingredients -- Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish -- as you work your way through this list.


1. Asparagus wonton wraps with hoisin, wasabi or mustard filling, from The Perfect Pantry
2. Asparagus tapenade, from A Veggie Venture
3. Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, from Gluten Free Easily
4. Japanese beef rolls with scallion, asparagus, and enoki mushrooms, from Seasaltwithfood
5. Bacon wrapped asparagus breadsticks, from Noble Pig
6. Sesame and balsamic glazed asparagus cranberry tart, from Tongue Ticklers
7. Crispy parmesan asparagus sticks, from How Sweet It Is
8. Grilled potato rounds with pesto and shaved asparagus, from The Culinary Chase



9. Asparagus, nectarine and tomato salad, from The Perfect Pantry
10. Baby chard salad with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, and hot bacon vinaigrette, from Andrea Meyers
11. Ribboned asparagus salad with lemon, from Smitten Kitchen 
12. Asparagus Caesar salad, from A Thought for Food
13. Farro salad with asparagus, red bell pepper, and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, from Kalyn's Kitchen
14. Asparagus basil salad, from Elana's Pantry
15. Spring orzo pasta salad with asparagus and artichokes, from Food for My Family
16. Shaved asparagus salad with balsamic syrup and almonds, from Cookin' Canuck
17. Chinese sesame asparagus salad, from Blue Kitchen
18. Chicken, fennel and asparagus salad, from Sidewalk Shoes
19. Red quinoa salad with asparagus and eggs, from Leek Soup
20. Roasted potato, asparagus and arugula salad, from My Colombian Recipes
21. Grilled asparagus and melon salad, from My Carolina Kitchen
22. Quinoa salad with shrimp, asparagus, fresh corn and herb lime vinaigrette, from Former Chef
23. Shaved asparagus and pecorino romano salad, from Sass & Veracity
24. Asparagus salad with tomatoes, hearts of palm, and chives, from Kalyn's Kitchen



25. Chilled asparagus soup, from The Perfect Pantry
26. Creamy asparagus leek soup, from Soup Chick
27. Asparagus, potato and herb soup, from Soup Chick
28. Chilled green curry coconut asparagus soup, from Soup Chick
29. Finnish summer soup, from Kitchen Parade
30. Roasted asparagus soup, from FatFree Vegan Kitchen
31. Creamy asparagus soup with bacon and asparagus tips, from Always Order Dessert
32. Asparagus and pea soup with herb crackers, from Tartelette
33. CrockPot cream of asparagus soup, from A Year of Slow Cooking
34. Asparagus and dandelion soup, from Cheese Please
35. Green soup with Meyer lemon yogurt, from Poor Girl Eats Well


Sandwiches and pizza

36. Grilled asparagus tartines with fresh ricotta, pesto and scallions, from Panini Happy
37. Avocado asparagus tartine, from 101 Cookbooks
38. Grilled asparagus and prosciutto panini, from Panini Happy
39. Grilled cheese sandwich with asparagus pesto, from More Than Burnt Toast
40. Shaved asparagus pizza, from Annie's Eats
41. Asparagus and cream cheese sandwich, from Homesick Texan
42. Welsh rarebit with grilled asparagus and mushrooms, from Simple Bites
43. Grilled asparagus ricotta pizza, from Framed Cooks
44. Pesto pizza with red peppers, cremini mushrooms and asparagus, from Oh My Veggies


Pasta, pulses, rice and grains main dishes

45. Risotto with shrimp and asparagus, from The Perfect Pantry
46. Salmon, asparagus and lemon pasta, from The Perfect Pantry
47. Mushroom and asparagus paella, from The Perfect Pantry
48. Asparagus, pepper and peanut soba, from The Perfect Pantry
49. Penne with ricotta and asparagus, from Simply Recipes
50. Baby artichoke and asparagus risotto, from Food Blogga
51. Bucatini with smoked asparagus and gorgonzola, from Herbivoracious
52. Asparagus soufflé, from Simply Recipes
53. Asparagus with anchovy butter and polenta, from The Culinary Chase
54. Israeli (pearl) couscous with prosciutto, asparagus and mushrooms, from Cookin' Canuck
55. Asparagus and goat cheese quinoa patties with smoked salmon and lemon yogurt sauce, from Always Order Dessert
56. Spring veggie galette, from Apron Strings
57. Asparagus and brown rice, from 101 Cookbooks
58. Creamy penne with asparagus and artichoke, from In Good Taste
59. Chickpea cakes with shaved asparagus and yogurt, from Naturally Ella
60. Baby pasta shells with asparagus and marinara sauce, from Skinnytaste
61. Pappardelle with lemon gremolata and asparagus, from The Apron Archives
62. Asparagus ravioli with brown butter sauce, from The Bitten Word
63. Asparagus herb lasagna, from Lady and the Blog


Chicken, fish and meat main dishes

64. Thai green basil curry with chicken, asparagus and spinach, from The Perfect Pantry
65. Steak, asparagus and chimichurri pasta, from Bitchin' Camero
66. Chicken and asparagus stir fry, from Not Eating Out in New York
67. Flank steak stir-fry with asparagus and red pepper, from Simply Recipes
68. Stir fried shrimp and asparagus in black bean sauce, from Just One Cookbook
69. Baked halibut with asparagus, leeks and dill, from Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
70. Sambal asparagus, from Rasa Malaysia
71. Spicy pork with asparagus, from Oui, Chef
72. Stir fry chicken with asparagus and almond, from eCurry


Side dishes

73. Roasted asparagus with manchego cheese, from The Perfect Pantry
74. Asparagus with maple tahini dressing, from Gluten-Free Goddess
75. Easy recipe for barely-cooked asparagus with basil pesto, from Kalyn's Kitchen
76. Miso ginger asparagus, from Steamy Kitchen
77. Thai peppered asparagus, from Appetite for China
78. Roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes, from Jeanette's Healthy Living
79. Thai stir-fried asparagus with lemongrass, from Season with Spice
80. Pickled asparagus, from Food in Jars
81. Asparagus and rocket risotto, from Matkonation
82. Asparagus gratin, from Pinch My Salt
83. Asparagus with shallots and almonds, from The Red Spoon
84. Grilled asparagus with reduced balsamic vinegar, from Savory Sweet Life
85. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, from Simply Recipes
86. Steamed asparagus with red onions, almonds and raisins, from Andrea Meyers
87. Asparagus with ginger, from Manjula's Kitchen
88. Asparagus with vinaigrette, feta, parmesan and almonds, from Savoring the Thyme
89. Asparagus with sesame dressing, from Grow. Cook. Eat.
90. Greek spinach-asparagus-potato gratin, from A Veggie Venture
91. Asparagus with bacon, breadcrumbs, almonds and capers, from Kahakai Kitchen


Breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner)

92. Asparagus, egg and cheese casserole, from The Perfect Pantry
93. Sausage, egg and asparagus pizza, from The Perfect Pantry
94. Red pepper, asparagus and spinach quiche, from The Perfect Pantry
95. Asparagus, spinach and feta cheese frittata, from Two Peas & Their Pod
96. Roasted asparagus with poached egg and parmesan, from Cheap Healthy Good
97. Ramp pesto omelette with asparagus and goat cheese, from Closet Cooking
98. Asparagus quiche, from Cooking on the Side
99. Scrambled eggs with asparagus and Camembert, from 80 Breakfasts
100. Asparagus and tomato frittata with havarti and dill, from Kalyn's Kitchen

And, don't forget dessert!

101. Asparagus ice cream in an almond-lemongrass cookie cup, from Healthy. Delicious.

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Wow Lydia - this is an incredible resource. Thank you for putting this together. I just picked up a big bag of asparagus from Costcos yesterday so can't wait to try some of these recipes. Thanks so much for including one of my recipes.

Lydia, after chuckling over your intro (boy, isn't that the truth about a lot of relationships that initially seem bound by food! LOL), I saw prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and thought, ooh, my fave, I have to comment on that and then I started scrolling down and saw that you linked to my recipe. How wonderful--thank you, dear! :-) I'm so happy to be included with all these other fabulous recipes. I've made Karina's recipe, too; it's outstanding. It's that time of year, and a happy one for most of us. I still can't believe that I went years thinking that I didn't like asparagus! Another bennie of going gluten free and eating more and more real food. ;-)

Thanks again. Happy asparagus time!

Jeanette, I hope you'll find lots of new ideas for your spring asparagus. This is my favorite season in New England!

Shirley, and there are the relationships that come apart over food (really, who could live with someone who didn't love chocolate ice cream?). I adore asparagus and I'm so glad to include your recipe in this list of my favorites from around the food blog world.

I love this resource. Asparagus is my favorite vegetables and this will help me to enjoy it more. Bookmarking...

Donna, my favorite asparagus farm is in Oneco, Connecticut. It's great fun to go into the sorting room and select just the size spears I want (fat ones for the grill, thin ones for frittatas). So glad you're having fun with this list of recipes.

At first I was skeptical that you would really give us 101, but you did, right down to dessert. I wonder if the hardest part wasn't keeping the list down to only 101!
My husband prefers the tips, but it never occurred to me to give him the tips from my plate.

Susan, I hope you have as much fun cooking from his list as I had putting it together! And good for you -- hang on to your tips.

Oooh ... lots of ideas :-)

I like the tips and the stems, and the thicker stems can be cooked and pureed for soup. Asparagus season is one of my favorite times of the year. What a great list!

CJ, hope you find a few new dishes to try!

Andrea, do you have an asparagus patch in your garden? I've always wanted to start one.

Thank you so much for organizing this delicious post about an amazing veggie!

Cindy, it was great fun to pull this post together, and I hope everyone finds some new ideas to try in their own kitchens.

wow. speechless. (in a good way)

Wow, what a great list - you planned my meals for a year! Thank You for the link Lydia

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