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The Pantry Alphabet: J


What is it?

Do you have this ingredient in your pantry?

Which of these recipes from The Perfect Pantry contains today's ingredient?

1. Lamb stew
2. Tagine of lamb with apricots
3. Grandma's beef brisket

When you guess which recipe contains the ingredient, please leave only the number 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below. Please don't leave the name of the ingredient, so others can have fun guessing, too. And let us know if you have this in your pantry.

(Spoiler alert: If you have a gin mill in your back yard, you'll need this.)

See you next Saturday, for the letter K.

Last week: instant espresso, or instant coffee.

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Ah! We do have this in our pantry! Also, #1 :)

#1 - I only wish I had that backyard gin mill.

#1 : )

When I first read it I assumed it would be 3 because that's where I use them but it's actually 1. I wish more people used them, they are so good.




I don't believe I have any right now.

#1~I concur regarding the Gin Mill <3

1 - a wee crushing of it before adding to whatever you are making increases the flavour intensity from it ; and your dish's outright scrumminess!

Super thanks Lydia for this wonderfully fun pantry series. I didn't work this one out until I read the first recipe and then laughed at my daftness in not recognising this particular pantry item - I have it in my spice and herb drawer and love using it with red meat.

Happy Cooking and Eating to Everyone from Michelle/Mickle down-under in Wellington, New Zealand!

It's 1 of course!

#1 but only in liquor cupboard form.



Yep, we use this in our cooking as well.

#1 -- missed it, last one I checked, although the 'gin mill' told me what I was looking for. I used to have a bottle of dried ones. Wonder where they went?

# 1 - we use it quite a lot in Estonia, as they're widely available on the islands. They give a great flavour to rye bread, and we use them almost always when cooking venison or wild boar.

I knew it! I knew it! but I don't have any - not a fan. Maybe I will give it a try again.

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