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One door closes, and another opens (introducing The Pantry Alphabet)


Four years, 185 pantries from all around the world, shelves and cabinets and spice racks, bins and baskets and mason jars galore...

Other People's Pantries let us peek behind the cupboard doors to see how we store the ingredients we keep on hand, the spices, packaged and canned goods, refrigerated and frozen foods that, when we put them together with fresh produce and protein, become the dishes that feed our families.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their pantry photos to share. You'll always be able to revisit all 185 pantries, by using the link at the top of this page.

I've loved your comments and emails telling me that one or more of the pantries inspired your own pantry reorganization or new construction. We've all envied those of you whose handy husbands built custom cupboards or pantry closets, and we've gotten great ideas about creative repurposing of space, as well as sources for storage bins and baskets.

You've inspired me, too, not only to keep my own pantry more orderly -- a constant challenge, I'm embarrassed to admit -- but also to try new ingredients that I spotted in your photos.

In fact, pantry ingredients will take center stage every Saturday for the next few months. All credit goes to my husband Ted, official taster-in-chief, who came up with the brilliant idea for

The Pantry Alphabet

Beginning next week, I'll post a photograph of one item from my pantry each Saturday, starting with A and going straight through to Z, and I'll invite you to guess the ingredient with the help of three recipe clues.

Some of the ingredients might be harder to identify from my photographs than others; however, all but one are in constant use in my pantry, and have been featured on The Perfect Pantry. One is a new-to-me ingredient.

See you next Saturday, brought to you by the letter A. I hope you'll play along!

(Thanks to my friend Bob, who took the photo at the top of this post.)

Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


I've just reorganized half of my pantry again and thought about you while doing it remembering I submitted my own pantry several years ago for you to feature. So much fun! It will be great to join in on tou new focus. I 'd better hone my skills.

OOOOh, this new direction sounds like fun. I never did get around to showing off my pantry. I may blog about my life but what's behind closed doors, well it's best left behind closed doors. :)

Oh my what fun!! I am excited to play along.

Thank you for bringing us pantries around the world- your blog is such a gem!

Looking forward to the new feature! Will we see above photo again when you get to the letter C?

Great new twist - and very Ted...Make them really challenging. Love the photo of the phototaking.

This is a fun idea, Lydia. I look forward to following along, and guessing the ingredient.

Love your idea for The Pantry Alphabet - can't wait to see what's in your pantry each week!

Kelly, I've been having lots of fun with photography, so I think you'll enjoy The Pantry Alphabet. Thanks for being part of Other People's Pantries!

Jen, I understand just how you feel!

Nupur, yours was one of the very first (maybe the first?) of the pantries we peeked into. Thank you for letting us in.

Julia, it won't be quite that easy.....

Peter, isn't it a fun idea? (Or maybe Ted thinks I need more practice with my new camera. He would not be wrong.)

Donna, I know you'll have as much fun guessing as I've had putting the alphabet together.

Jeanette, some will be easy, some will be harder, but I think all will be a fun way to start your Saturdays. Stick around!

Ha! A Pantry Game! Looking forward to a little brain teasing on Saturdays!

Sounds like great fun, Lydia! We all need to get our brains going on Saturday morning, don't we? ;-)


Thank you for bringing us so many fabulous pantries! I look forward to seeing your pantry alphabet. :)

TW, I promise just a little bit of brain teasing. After all, it is the weekend!

Shirley, I know you'll have fun with The Pantry Alphabet, because I'm having fun putting it together.

Deena, thank you for peeking. Being such a wonderful photographer, you're going to get a kick out of the alphabet.

As well as entertaining me, your perfect pantry articles inspired me to
organize my pantry. Thanks very much.

I'm looking forward to playing your alphabet pantry game. And I'll do it Saturday mornings on my way to the farmers market. Congrats to Ted for a great idea.

Not only is Ted the official taster-in-chief (and the handsome occasional model) of your blog... but he is also very clever for coming up with this idea! The Pantry Alphabet sounds like fun!

What a great idea, I can't wait!

Looking forward to the new feature. And fun photo of the new camera in use!

Pantries, markets, what fun it's been, and so helpful to take peeks. This sounds like another way to make Saturday mornings something to look forward to. (Soup Chick 7 soups too!)
Brought to you by the letter.... now wasn't that on Sesame Street? or Mr. Rogers? Well, now it's from the Pantry, the foodie version.

Barb, that's wonderful, and I love to hear it.

Christine, Countrygirl: Ted was definitely the inspiration for The Pantry Alphabet, and we've had fun collaborating on it. (Thanks to my friend Kalyn, too.)

Rhonda, Kalyn: It's going to be lots of fun!

Susan, Sesame Street, definitely. I used to love that feature. Our will be a bit different, but I hope it will be as diverting as our pantry peeks, market peeks, and book lists.

It's the end of an era! Looking forward to the Pantry Alphabet. Great idea, Ted!

Looking forward to the Pantry Alphabet game! Could it be that today's photo was brought to us by the letter "T?"

Maris, four years and lots of peeks, it's time for something new!

Teresa, my lips are sealed.

I'm sad there will be no new pantries. It was always fascinating to see what (and how much) was considered essential in other parts of the country and world. My thanks to all who sent in their photos.

The new game sounds interesting. Especially for the letter x.

@JustGail -- "to see what (and how much) was considered essential" is the topic of an amazing book, Hungry Planet -- What the World Eats, by Peter Menzel (306.85 Menze at my library). He has photos from all over the world, showing 1 week's worth of groceries and how much they cost -- ranging from a family from Darfur in a refugee camp to a German family. Essays by Faith D'Aluisio are worth reading. http://books.google.com/books/about/Hungry_Planet.html?id=TFCER7w_dooC
(They also wrote Material World, about the household goods of many families.) Very enlightening!

WOOHOO - sounds like fun! And in a way this will "test" our knowledge and see if we have been paying attention all these years! ;-)

Great idea! Looking forward to seeing what's in your pantry.

Can't wait!

Awww I'm saddened to see Other People's Pantry coming to a close. I was just about to send in my entry!

Nonetheless, all the best in the new feature!

JustGail, I admit the letter X was a challenge!

Susan, thanks so much. I love both of these books and have re-read Material World (or re-looked-at) many times.

Carol, exactly right. Do you know your ingredients?

Ben, I know you'll be great at this. I always wish I had more Mexican ingredients in my pantry, too.

Alta, yippee!

Mrs. Ergul, we'd love to see your pantry if you want to post some photos on our Facebook page. And I'm sure you'll have fun with The Pantry Alphabet.

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